My Family

I am so blessed to be married to my best friend for 27 years.
Scott is such a wonderful husband and dad~
he commutes to Atlanta for work 3 days a week and then works 2 days from home.
I couldn't be more blessed!!!

Savannah is my first love and now 24 years old.
She is married to Josh and teaches 8th grade math
at Twin Rivers Middle School. 
They are expecting Baby Dove in March~
Josh is such a blessings to our family.
He is a wonderful husband and works in insurance 
He also has the most beautiful voice you've ever heard!

Amelia is 21 and a junior in college, majoring in studio art ~
she loves art, Phi Mu, and hanging out with her friends~

Rosemary is 18 and a senior in high school~
she loves reading, photography, cheering, and hanging out with her friends!
We call her the baby original. :)

EllaKate is 8, home 7 years from Chongqing and is in second grade this year~
she loves horses, stuffed animals, reading, and everything nature!
{Begin reading EK's Story HERE}
ShayleeJoy is 6, home from Putian City, Fujian and in Kindergarten~
she loves drawing, reading, and riding her bike!
She copies everything EK does and adores her!
{Begin reading SJ's story HERE}

Will Perry is 5, home from Shepherd's Field in Beijing, originally from Fuzhou, Fujian.
He LOVES building with his legos and riding his bike!
He loves to go anywhere his dad goes and would stay outside all day if we let him.

Payne Curtis is 5, home from Changzhi City, Shanxi.
He LOVES legos too, making music, and playing outside.
He has made a great adjustment to his new family and is best friends with WP!

 EvieClaire is 3, home from Hebi City, Henan.
She is a tiny firecracker and keeps her brothers in line.
She loves playing with her babies, all things art, swinging, and jumping on the trampoline. :)
And sometime next year our baby, AbbyMei, will be coming home from Handan City, Hebei.
She is 3 years old and in foster care.
Evie and Abby are 3 months apart and will be best friends we are sure!

God has blessed our family and we are so thankful!!!

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  1. What a blessing. SO enjoy seeing your blog every day.