Main Curriculum~ Five in a Row
(Focusing on Before Five in a Row to begin)
EK~ Early American History from Beautiful Feet

Reading/Science: EK~ Apologia Land Animals on the Sixth Day
Reading SJ~ Bob Books

Math: Hands-on Approach
Developing Number Concepts, Book 1: Counting, Comparing, and Pattern
Developing Number Concepts, Book 2: Addition and Subtraction

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind
Explode the Code

EK~ Writing with Ease


  1. Oh my goodness!!! So fun! I wish you could homeschool my daughter. She is going to start Kindergarten in a Christian School, but your school sounds and looks like so much fun. Your children are so blessed to have you both as parents. Such a sweet family you are. I hope you don't stop at 4 adoptions, by the way.

  2. your homeschool looks amazing!! Can't wait to glean from your ideas

  3. Have always used Saxon in the early years with my kids, and haven't heard of the math curriculum you're using. Our youngest daughter was 6 when she came home from China and I've had to be more creative in her schooling as she has a harder time grasping concepts and we seem to need to go a lot slower and repeat A LOT in order to work for mastery of skills before she's able to grasp these and can move to the next step. Just curious about this curriculum from that point of view. I have her listed as a 2cd grader, but technically I'm still covering a lot of foundational areas she's still lacking. I've been searching for other curriculum options as I'm planning this new school year so would love to get your feedback on this particular resource. Will check back on your blog as I'm always wanting to see what other homeschool moms are using in the way of materials or their creative ideas for teaching. Keeps things fresh for me after 16 years of homeschooling.