Friday, July 21, 2017

A Week of Wonderful~

Setting the expectation before they rise and shine is key whether you homeschool or not. 
Have a plan or the plan will be made for you.
Every morning I set the table with our Bible/Hymn study and clipboards~

It has been such a wonderful month learning our hymn: It Is Well.
This week I read All is Well as we discussed what it means in our own lives~

The bitty girls' tray work included:
Tenzi Number Match, Sorting and Matching Bugs, Building ABCs~

We began B work with Bears and Butterflies using our new The Peaceful Preschool study~
 For the butterflies, we traced a B on the fold of our paper, opened to squeeze paint, then pressed to create symmetry.
Once it was dry, we closed to cut on the lines to create a B Butterfly~

We also continued our Playful Pioneers study as well.
On Monday I had them find a passage in a favorite book to copy for writing~

One of the chapters in Farmer Boy was about Almanzo's birthday so they wrote about their favorite bd memory~

Hands down our favorite activity all week was Weaving from a Loom~
 I remember making these in 5th grade too!
They worked all day long and by evening, they could start a new project
and add new string as they worked~
 It is a favorite past time around here for sure!

For Friday Freewrite, I had them write a passage about a winter memory to go with their winter art project~

I laminated all the art from the week, and they loved adding it to their Art Notebooks~
It was a wonderful week of study and can't wait for what's coming up!!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Great Finds @ Target~

We hit the jackpot @ $spot Target this week~
Can't wait to incorporate them into our tray routine!
Evie and Calla were up way before everyone this morning so out came the finger crayons~
The ABC stamps and dice sets came from my favorite school store: The School Box!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Playful Pioneers~

For the older kids I chose The Playful Pioneers again literature and project based study of the Little House books.
We began with Farmer Boy this week~
 You know as well as I do the little girls want to be right in there with us working on this study and we are welcome to have them!
We are listening to Farmer Boy on Audible because we LOVE Cherrie Jones' reading voice.
We heard all about Almanzo's farm so we drew one of our own using Farm Anatomy book~

We also read books about Native Americans and wrote about mocassins~

Also read and wrote about horses~

The biggest news this week was the completion of our new bookshelves in our Living Room~
It was a wonderful week, and we can't wait for next week!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Peaceful Preschool~ {Letter A}

Even thought EC & HM are in first grade this year,
I am choosing to do The Peaceful Preschool with them and CA~
 It is heavy on literature and projects (exactly what EC LOVES!).
We read lots of books, painted apple trees, finger painted letters As~

I moved the listening area into the family room and it spurred new interest~

We heard a story of the secret star hidden inside of an apple, ate apple snacks, and painted apple prints~
 as well as a tissue paper apple~

We also baked Apple Crisp and I am SURE this was the favorite thing of the whole week~
 One of the skills is getting familiar with measuring spoons and cups so I added them to our macaroni bin~

I also set up a few invitation trays for them to find in the mornings when they woke up~

 We read a lovely book Mr. Peabody's Apples that was one of the juiciest conversations we had all week~
It hits on the damage of spreading rumors... kind of like the sour taste a Granny Smith apple leaves in your mouth.
I think it's so important for children to read about all kinds of ideas in books
as an introduction into situations they could find themselves in one day.
This was a great one for Character study for sure!!!

I also made up a little math game with some things I had in our school closet:
foam pages and Tenzi dice~
The directions were to line the cards into number order, spill all the dice on the floor, then match them to the correct number.
It ended up being a sort of graph and we had great conversation about this too!

It was a great week and the reason I know...
They can't wait for B Week!!!
I highly recommend this study to anyone wanting a literature based early literacy plan!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

A New School Year~ {Learning Spaces & Curriculum}

We began our 2017-2018 school year today and the kids didn't know the difference
because we have continued a light schedule over the month of June.

Our Learning Spaces:
We are notorious for schooling all over our house.
From the Sunroom with desks and table
To our Kitchen and NEW Reading Room (Living Room) as well as Family Room AND outside!
It really doesn't matter Where you gather!
It's the hearts that gather and we are SO grateful for the privilege!

I don't go into a new year lightly!
Lots of prayer and scripture reading fills my early mornings and here are a couple that have spoken to me lately~
Teaching my children is a huge and serious task I am entrusted by God as my work.
There is NO doubt it is my life's calling.

Our Learning Materials~
We are using all the same curriculum this coming year with the addition of two studies published by The Peaceful Press: The Peaceful Preschool and Playful Pioneers.  (Click link to visit website)
I am using The Playful Pioneers with EK 6th, SJ 4th, and the boys 3rd grade
and The Peaceful Preschool with the three younger girls.

We begin our day around our table at breakfast and Bible time with these resources~
We read from a couple and switch off the following day.
We are also learning a hymn a month and this month: It Is Well With My Soul.

Individual Work: 
Then we move to our desks and table for clipboard work~
They use the composition notebooks for copywork and projects.
The black notebooks hold our nature journal sketches.

We keep all these books and clipboards in our IKEA carts~

Their clipboard work come from the following resources:
EK & SJ~ (their load is a little heavier than the others)

Boys in green and Little Girls in Red: (Calla just draws or plays)

As they finish their morning work, they move to their rooms for Personal Care time: Tidy rooms, brush hair and teeth, dress, and big kids have their quiet time.
The little girls come back down for their main teaching time {The Peaceful Preschool.

Back Together:
We pick up where we left off with The Playful Pioneers (History) and our continuation of Apologia Science~
The Playful Pioneers is a yearlong study through The Little House books
so we are reading lots of books during this time as well as projects and writing.

The late morning is our Enrichment Time (Bravewriter Lifestyle)~
Monday is Art.
Tuesday is Poetry.
Wednesday is Nature.
Thursday is Geography/Cultures (We plan to add a Beautiful Feet World Study in the fall).
Friday is Free Write and maybe a movie or field trip.

We usually finish up around lunch time and if not, we stop anyway picking up the next day where we left off.

EK is working on an independent Beautiful Feet Horse Study in the afternoons~
Everyone has independent reading every day too.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday everyone has iPod time during rest and Tuesday, Thursday, Weekends are play days for rest time.

Our snack is at 3pm with a time for listening to an audible book.
The rest of the day is OUTSIDE time weather permitting until dinner time.

It may seem like a super busy day but the kids thrive on routine and having a predictable schedule makes our days flow pretty easily.

Hope this post helps explain what we're doing this year and I am always happy to answer any questions you might have.
Just leave a comment and I will get back to you!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Celebrating the 4th~

The 4th of July is the prefect week to pull out many of our BF history books~

We are starting a couple of new things this year and our book delivery was a BIG deal~

We watched fireworks down the street and then on youtube next day~
 We followed a tutorial to create these beautiful sparklers with chalk pastels~
Had plans to do lots of other things but just didn't get to them.
It was enough!