Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday Math Art~

We've begun a little something new this winter... Monday Math Art.
I googled Math Art and found a few fun ideas~
 These are called Spirolaterals~
Everyone got to choose how they would add the color!!!
Super fun!!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Play Dough~

Play dough always brings on the smiles, and I upped the love with essential oils~
 Evie had it stuck to her nose pretty much the whole morning.
I laminated names and number cards~
Then we rolled snakes to write them.
Everyone loves this... even the 'big' kids!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Beautiful Feet Horse Study~

EK and SJ love Breyer horses and wanted to earn money to buy another.
We had started this horse study way back when it was too hard for them
but pulled it out with a little challenge.
If they would work on it as a team in the afternoons during room time,
I would give them a dollar for each lesson completed (about 4 assignments each).
 They have loved having a goal and money has been a sweet reward.
Their notebooks are beautiful and they have earned almost $15 each~
 Beautiful keepsakes of horse knowledge they are learning~
Love the motivation and diligence from both girls!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Each week the kids work hard on their Awana memory verses~
 and they copy into the notebooks and draw a picture~

Everyone LOVES our science study right now about ocean animals~
 We read from out book, find a video on YouTube to watch, and notebook about it~

We lit candles, popped popcorn, and read poetry together for Poetry Teatime~
 It's been an awesome week!!!

Chinese New Year 2017~

Chinese New Year was a great celebration for everyone.
We read all our Chinese books and life books, listened to Chinese music, and listened to stories~
 Everyone dressed in silks and we took photos~

We painted Chinese symbols~
 And glued them to Chinese lanterns we made~

We printed maps of China and found our birth cities~

 And went to eat Chinese @ The Iron Wok~
 We celebrated EK's year of the Rooster and loved it all!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hiding The Word in Hearts~

Each week we focus on memorizing our verses for Awana~
 We always copy into our journals, draw something, and practice reciting for the group~
It's a beautiful thing!!!

Friday, January 13, 2017

January Schooling~

Looping is our favorite way to school.
I keep a Reading Basket with all our books and enrichment materials inside.
I've tried the weekly schedule of activities, but I'm finding it is better if we loop them.
On Tuesday we read our art and composer study along with Bible, picture book, science, and history~

When book work is complete, the kids can choose something from our handicraft cart of bands, beads, or looms~

We have loved getting back to our Apologia:Swimming Creatures on the Fifth Day.
We have been learning about whales so found a Whale Documentary to watch and sketched in out nature journals~
Everyone had to write something they learned while watching~

It seems winter brings us back to our kitchen table for schooling~

There is much reading that goes on in a day: Science, library books, bible, geography, and listening to a chapter book on audible~
January is off to a great start!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A New Year~

We had the most restful holiday enjoying each other and celebrating Christmas.
Book work went out the window but we read books, did handicrafts, baked, and read more books.
We even got some really cool things for Christmas we could learn from: microscope, circuits, legos, and lots of games!
Once we were ready to get back to learning, we eased in with science, sketching, and handicrafts~
 We had shoved our Apologia aside but because EK got a huge Ocean Encyclopedia for Christmas, we brought it back~
 Everyone did an awesome job finding something interesting to sketch and paint~

We also picked up our Beautiful Feet Geography study: Minn on the Mississippi~

And with all this water study, we chose Swiss Family Robinson for our read aloud.
Actually our Listen aloud.
We love choosing a story we can listen to while drawing, working, or eating~
Today after listening to the first chapter, we watched the movie and compared what we already knew so far.
Watching the movie definitely gives them a point of reference and a way to visualize the story.
We will watch it again when we finish the story.

EK and SJ also LOVE reading along with the text via book or kindle.
I can totally promise LISTENING to a story while following along is just as good as reading it alone!
They choose to listen to stories over and over too!
I let them turn on a story every day during their room time.

I have witnessed the vocabulary explosion as well as story play over the last year.
Believe me, it's not cheating... it's smart!!!