Thursday, August 17, 2017


Just like my IG accounts, I am merging my two blogs in one~
Everything Beautiful.

I will continue to write about our homeschooling journey at Everything Beautiful so be sure to follow on Bloglovin now.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Push Pin Art~

Have you heard of Push Pin Art? 

SO simple. Basically grab any black line image or writing and staple to a piece of color paper (top and bottom). Poke holes along the lines and poof~ a cool piece of art that strengthened fine motor in the process!!! 

Enjoy everything from animals to letters and numbers to sight words. $1 store coloring books? Goldmine!!!! So get poking!!! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fun Friday and Free Write~

Our Free Writes for today~

If you want to learn more about Friday FreeWrite please go HERE.

For us, this is set time where our kids write down whatever their heart and brain wants... with NO attention to grammar, spelling, or style.
It is just about getting thoughts out of our brain.
EK and SJ are independent writers, boys are inventing spelling, and little girls are voicing and I'm their scribe.
It is ALL writing... after all, writing is the thoughts released, not the actual pencil to paper~

We made CupCake brownies to celebrate a great week!!!~

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playful Pioneer Study Week 3~

I saw The Action Bible on IG and ordered it for the boys along with the Audible recording~
 And everyone has loved it!!!

Science continues to go very well and we learned about sound waves this week~

One of our chapters in Farmer Boy described planting potatoes~
 So we watched a YouTube video and sketched a potato page in our journals~

 And stamped a potato print on our pages too~

The Tin Peddler came calling to Almanzo's family and it reminded us of Caps for Sale too~
 Everyone copied a passage from the book and sketched the peddler's wagon~

Tuesday was Poetry and Popcorn (with a little Shakespeare thrown in)~

Another chapter in Farmer Boy was A Strange Dog so we read a poem called Animal Story~
 Then drew pets they wished they had along with written descriptions~

to play a guessing game!
 They loved it!!!

Little Girl ABC Study~ Letter C

The little girls continue to love their ABC study with wonderful literature!
This week we have worked on C: Cash and Coins~

 We read Caps for Sale, worked on sorting coins from the treasure box, and count $.50~

We read The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson and made cow headbands~

They LOVED reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and 123~
 Their name trees turned out SO cute~

We also read Corduroy and learned to sew buttons~
EC sewed buttons ALL day long!!!

We read Give a Cat a Cupcake, made a cat, and worked on the at family~

Calla noticed a rainbow in her bible so she wanted to draw one~
Such a wonderful week and can't wait for D!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Favorite Tools & Tray Activities~

Three of our favorite tools are Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils,  X-ACTO pencil sharpener , and Bamboo Recipe Book Stand~
Click on links above
 EC & HM were learning tallies so I made a tray with dice which they rolled and tallied the number with straws~

Match our movable alphabet to the poster~

 Calla finally began following directions on her little workbook pages this week~
She wants to have work to do when the big kids are working
and now she really does it!!!
Baby steps!!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Pioneering, Nature, & Horse Study~

As we continue our Playful Pioneer study, the kids continue to love weaving
so we added some beautiful scans of yarn~

Just in the last week EC has gone from 'I can't draw' to 'I am really great at drawing!"~
This Nature Connection book was one we had on our shelves but I hadn't put much emphasis on it.
It has been a great catalysis for the great boost in self confidence~
And I plan to use it through the year with our nature journals.
It is divided into months so very easy to follow!

EK continues with her Beautiful Feet Horse Study.
We read the books together and she does the work independently.
Here she is drawing for fun one of the illustrations in the book~
Definitely going in her Art Notebook~

Mornings continue to be such a sweet time for the little girls.
Here EC is teaching the others school and they complete their Explode the Code Notebooks where I had written $5 secretly.
They each get this reward for finishing it and another is already on the way~

As we continue with our Peaceful Preschool Study, our letter was B and we focused on Butterflies and Bunnies.
They made bunny puppets and put on a puppet show for us~

The chapter in Farmer Boy this week are all winter ones so we studied winter in July~
Our science project was to create ice excavations so they all froze an animal in a block of ice then excavated using warm salt water and a paintbrush.

For Friday Free Write, I had them write a science report explaining what we did~

 Don't you just love EC & HM's 'fancy' handwriting?~

Our yard continues to be full of nature study~
 We have a huge moth nest up in our trees so the kids stand under and watch each day.
Our butterfly bush is covered in butterflies so they are captured, observed, and released to fly away.

We've had a great week and can't wait to see what comes along next week!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Week of Wonderful~

Setting the expectation before they rise and shine is key whether you homeschool or not. 
Have a plan or the plan will be made for you.
Every morning I set the table with our Bible/Hymn study and clipboards~

It has been such a wonderful month learning our hymn: It Is Well.
This week I read All is Well as we discussed what it means in our own lives~

The bitty girls' tray work included:
Tenzi Number Match, Sorting and Matching Bugs, Building ABCs~

We began B work with Bears and Butterflies using our new The Peaceful Preschool study~
 For the butterflies, we traced a B on the fold of our paper, opened to squeeze paint, then pressed to create symmetry.
Once it was dry, we closed to cut on the lines to create a B Butterfly~

We also continued our Playful Pioneers study as well.
On Monday I had them find a passage in a favorite book to copy for writing~

One of the chapters in Farmer Boy was about Almanzo's birthday so they wrote about their favorite bd memory~

Hands down our favorite activity all week was Weaving from a Loom~
 I remember making these in 5th grade too!
They worked all day long and by evening, they could start a new project
and add new string as they worked~
 It is a favorite past time around here for sure!

For Friday Freewrite, I had them write a passage about a winter memory to go with their winter art project~

I laminated all the art from the week, and they loved adding it to their Art Notebooks~
It was a wonderful week of study and can't wait for what's coming up!!!