Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet Martin~

We have another pet found out in our backyard.
Meet Martin~
 Isn't he the coolest?
EK certainly thinks so!!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

LOTS of Nature Going on Here~

The pool skimmer is one of the best nature catchers.
EK cleans it each morning, and today she found a sweet little salamander.
We named it Sally and took the morning to learn about them~
 Our art stories were information about salamanders~

THEN when we went to the pool for a swim, Evie opened the skimmer and a little green grass snake jumped out.
Everyone was afraid at first but I assured them this was a very pleasant snake
and they were allowed to hold it~
 They named him Pickle and we kept him all day~
 Once again it was nature books galore as EK taught us all there was to know~
 Dad came home to their excitement but he was too thrilled~
 Later in the week we made a list of nature items in The Salamander room and went off to find it all~
 There were lots of beautiful things found~
 But the best was all the tadpoles swimming around in the lake~
 We brought a container back to our house and we are watching the life cycle~
On Friday we watched Little Bear, backed cookies, and decorated with little green snakes~
LOTS of Nature and we're pretty happy about it!!!