Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Office Grand Opening~ {Spelling You See & Brave Writer}

For spelling this year, we chose Spelling You See using three of the levels~
It has been fantastic! There has been huge growth in all four of our kids using it. There are two activities that kind of bores EK when she comes to them so this week, we found a solution. Actually she thought of it, and I just said yes.

We opened an office with old computers, and our spelling became super fun when the girls came to the TWO boring activities...

The way the curriculum works is EK has a passage every week she copies parts of each day. There are also word chunks she must code in the printed passage then in her own. About the 4th lesson, she must write a short passage of her own but this is often overkill because she is writing everyday anyway.

The 5th lesson I dictate the passage to her, and she writes IN CURSIVE (yay, getting handwriting in too) the whole passage being mindful of her spelling. THIS was getting stressful and boring SO...

I pulled out my old Dell and Macbook (SLOW as a snail), and we opened a Kid Home Office. NOW when they girls come to the oh so boring pages~
They aren't so boring anymore. They are learning to type with correct finger formation and loving every minute of it~
When they typing is complete, we print it out and glue into the spelling book.

The BEST news is the Home Office has appealed to ALL the kids and they are found to be typing (WRITING) all the time. I hear them say, "I'm writing a blog like mom. I'm working for Cisco like dad. I'm making a list for the grocery store." They don't realize THIS is REAL writing, and they think it is FUN~

We also use Brave Writer for our Writing curriculum, and have introduced a few projects to the girls. One was a secret code project where EK had to create coded message and have someone decipher it. It was fun for a couple of days and she lost interest. Yesterday I saw her in the Office and asked, "What are you doing EK?" She answered, "Making a secret code for SJ." 

Confirmation that the right time AND the right medium is what makes learning fun, meaningful, and healthy for children. 

Maybe a Home Office is just what you need for a Learning Boost!!!

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