Saturday, February 13, 2016

CNY & Year of the Monkey w/ Valentine's Day~

With three blogs running, I am paring down to one post a week here and seriously considering making it a post @ A Beautiful Symphony on the weekends. Would anyone have a problem with that? For now, here is our week in review.

Monday began with our Chinese New Year celebration~
 and we were excited to celebrate! There were celebrations in our area over the weekend, but we have found enjoying this holiday at home is right for us. After all, that's what their Chinese families are doing in China!
It just made sense to incorporate this special day into our school routine.
I pulled out all the things we have collected from our many trips to China. First thing was for everyone to choose a Chinese silk for photos~
The kids are always so kind and willing to let me get portraits of them in their silks (don't know how much longer it will last~
One of my favorite photo sessions of the year~
It was really fun to pull out each special item, remember who it was chosen for, and discuss its Chinese heritage~
Everyone had a turn playing the Chinese horn and playing paddle ball~
Probably the most interesting item was the abacus so we watched a video to show us how it works. We also studied the intricate silk stitches on our tapestries~
There were fan dances and puppet shows~
Lantern making, mandarin character writing, and decorating~
The day ended with Chinese take out and sweet friends waiting to travel to Korea for their little boy~

Tuesday we began our FIAR row with three Caps for Sale books~
 It is the year of the Monkey in China so what better way to celebrate than read these wonderful books!
We made adorable monkeys for our journals and wrote quick narrations for the stories.
By far the most favorite activity was gathering hats from dadddy's closet and acting out the stories~
 Evie LOVED the Caps for Sale basket and was quite the accomplished hat peddler~

On Wednesday we were looking forward to Awana and love your leader night.
We glittered up 48 hearts and added a chocolate all on our family room coffee table~
 The big girls cut them all out, and the littles wrote LOVE on each.
Everyone got in on the glittering action~

Then it was more Caps of Sale books and peddling~

 Thursday we had haircuts so we thought we would run to the library as well.
We are a member of Pines Library System and if you check out this DVD about Zoo Atlanta,
you earn 2 free adult passes and 2 child ones too.
Catch~ you have to use them within 14 days so not sure we can swing it
but can check it out anytime and try again.
It was really interesting to know the history and they kids REALLY loved the Panda part~

EK found a new series at the library called Survivors dog series and reads them constantly!
She is on book 3 and she just started last Friday.
About every third chapter or so, we sit together (with Macy:), and she tells me the whole story line.
There are some dog fights in it and she always says that's a yucky part but her favorite part of them is guessing what the dogs are describing around them such as a helicopter (

Fun Friday was Fine Arts Friday this week...
We pulled out all mediums of art: chalk pastels, crayons, markers, watercolors, paint pods and did free art while listening to our artist (Millet) and composer (Chopin)~
 Everyone painted at least two masterpieces~
 We baked Valentine cookies and served them up~
(need a quick way to serve and not dirty dishes or waste paper plates? cut a plate in sections and serve away)

Lastly we made Lovebugs to give away to special people in our family.
My class used to make these way back in the day and I'm pretty sure we make them each year too~
 It just involved tracing a few hearts, cutting, gluing, and OF COURSE glitter~
 They turned out beautiful~

Once all the FINE ARTS craze was complete, everyone was found reading or listening to something they love~
 EK: Survivors, PC: Tapes of Just Right Stories, WP: CD in Awana Sparks book, SJ: chapter book from library (twaddle), and bitties NEEDED wanted to clean their table so I sprayed the shaving cream and let them go at it!

Other things we enjoyed through the week but didn't take photos~
Bible time
Reading our Chapter books: Little House, and Betsy and Tacy
Audible: Pippi Longstocking
Writing: Free Write from Brave Writer
Book Work: Spelling, Grammar, Math, and Cursive
American History: Finished Leif the Lucky and started Christopher Columbus
Geography: Finished Paddle to the Sea
Science: Still reading The Burgess Animal Book and YouTubing animal videos

It was a great and busy week and thankful for the weekend!!!

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