Thursday, February 25, 2016

Art Story Routine: Notebooking

I wrote a blog post HERE   about Jodi Mockabee's HS HERE and I really loved the painting portion of it. We began our free draw/painting/writing routine two weeks ago, and the kids have loved it!

We are calling them Art Stories!

We have gathered around our table to learn, talk, read, and create~
It it Around the Table that we Understand BEST the Warmth of being Together!
The kitchen is the heart of the home and we are thinking it is also the heart of our homeschooling too. Being able to see each other bonds us as family and encourages community too!

I am amazed at the beauty they are creating to be treasured always~
They have each painted 9 paintings now with beautiful words written on each one and they LOVE looking at them all!

As we have painted, written, and laminated their creations, the biggest question was where were we going to put them? Jodi files her kids' work in separate binders but I really didn't want 6 binders to store. SJ suggested we put them all in a family binder~ Brilliant!!!

It is just as loved as their Life Books and our blog books!
Setting up for the day and sitting the laminator out, sure builds the excitement~

This week we read the Mr. Gumpy books and today after reading the Motor Car one, we watched a few videos as well as how to draw a police car~
They followed the tutorial and came out with beautiful masterpieces~

I can see growth over the last two weeks especially in the youngest four~
The benefits I am seeing from this practice~

  • Free write is encouraged OR a narration from our story.
  • They have something set to do each day while I read.
  • Spelling, grammar, and handwriting are all being practiced.
  • Creative outlet with drawing and painting with everyone around the table.
  • There is excitement in planning what they will create.
  • Laminating is a great way to publish and add to a book.
  • No planning involved for me; just setup!

Try it! I think you will like it!

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