Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Bitties and an Activity~

About two weeks ago, I took Evie to Barnes and Noble to choose a book for her gotcha day~
She chose a thick anthology of rhymes and stories just right for her and Holly.

Each day I have been reading to them from the book,
 and today Evie remembered we had a listening book that matched our story, The Three Little Pigs~
Amy and I gave each other's children 6 of these Fairy Tale Flip Books for Christmas and we LOVE them!

Evie and Holly loved listening to the story together~
 And then I asked them to narrate.
 I loved the way they used various voices for different pigs... SO good!
Next was Evie's daily INFAMOUS words...
"I want an activity mama" and thankfully I had just the thing in that old filing cabinet in the garage~
The girls traced, cut, and created their own little pigs.
I am trying to figure out how to share my patterns and ideas.
Would love to open a little school store if I could figure it out.
Share if you know.

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