Monday, January 4, 2016

Our First Day Back in 2016~

Today was our first day back and it was really awesome.
EK and SJ were a little bummed about the bookwork they had facing them this morning
so last night I suggested they might go ahead and get it done so they wouldn't have to do it this morning~
They took the bait and were completely done in 30 minutes!

That made for a really smooth morning of reading for FIAR, Owl Moon~
 History and Geography: Leif the Lucky and Paddle to the Sea (Canada)
along with finishing up one chapter book so we could start another~

The little four began their new centers today too
and it worked beautifully having one boy work with one girl.
The boys took their leadership role so seriously and the girls were great learners~
 EK and SJ really enjoyed spending time journaling about owls today
and we actually saved Paddle to the Sea for after lunch with just EK/SJ~
The only part of the day we didn't like was dad being gone to work
but we sent him a Hi photo and look forward to him rolling back in the afternoon.
A great first day back!!!!!

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