Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Polar Express~ {A Rest Day}

This morning as I began my day with Jesus, two of my devotionals spoke of rest
which was not coincidental considering we had been so busy with Thanksgiving.
I decided to listen and obey.
After a breakfast of delicious muffins, I  grabbed their new Christmas pj bottoms
 clean and warm from the dryer and told them to find a matching shirt~
 We were going to spend the morning resting on The Polar Express~
 I popped in the movie, made a little treat along with some hot cocoa~
 And we settled back for a restful morning~
 They each got a bell necklace to remember they BELIEVE in Jesus and I worked on our Christmas cards~
 The rest of the morning was theirs' to enjoy: the bitty girls punched tickets like the conductor~
 The boys built a train from legos and the big girls made Christmas ornaments
with pictures printed from our Blog books~

Lunch was delivered by big sis Mill!!!
Rest time was mandatory lie in bed and sleep or read books.
Dinner was delivered by Uncle Larry which we paired with Thanksgiving leftovers.
It was a Restful Day and JUST what this family needed!!!

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