Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Christmas Story~

The Christmas Story is a new book we bought this year after listening to THIS podcast
and it will be one of our favorites always.
The illustrations are gorgeous.
Our poem to write was the Cinquain.
I have been amazed Evie has done all her own copying for poetry~
 Everyone was SO proud of their poem with the little stable we added to the bottom~
 More pages for our Poetry Books~

The weather is SO gorgeous in the 70s we went out for the rest of the day
and gathered our supplies to make pinecone bird feeders~

 Some seriously messy work~
 We hung them in our tree right outside our kitchen windows in hopes of bird watching~
 When it was lunch how could we go in???
Memommy had given us happy meal gift cards so we ran to McDonald's and came back for a picnic~
Then played the day away~
Making the best of December days in the 70s!!!
NO complaining here!!!

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  1. I have our pine cones to make that too!!!!! We are twins lol. We read message of the birds today and the joy of giving.