Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Christmas Humbugs~

The story request for today was The Christmas Humbugs which we read every year
but is always a favorite~
Go HERE or HERE or HERE to see the years past.
Our poetry activity today was The 'Wh' Poem so after reading our book
we wrote this cute poem about Humbugs~

This year I wanted to do something different and while in Walmart saw big pompoms
and decided we would make Humbugs with them~
I had some big old fashioned clothespins to glue everything on to.
First we chose a big pompom and glued it first along with eyes and a red ribbon hanger~
 Next we strung bells of the ends of a pipe cleaner and hot glued it to pin as well.
We used big sequins for the wings~
 For the stockings we twisted red and white pipe cleaners and wound them around the legs~
 Everyone wanted their humbug at the top of the tree so they would surely spy~
Christmas Spirit from everyone.
(Well, Most of the time)

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