Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Imogene's Antlers~ {All About Elk}

Today we read Imogene's Antlers as a springboard for our poetry writing~

Again I printed a poetry page and we wrote our Haiku poem as a group.
I wrote on the board and they copied~

Our topic was Reindeer and after copying, EK gave a drawing lesson for drawing deer~

I can't wait to put all these in a poetry book for them when complete~

 Next I found some patterns I had when teaching way back in the day and we made our own reindeer antlers
while watching a documentary on YouTube~

Everyone worked so hard~

I remember making these with my kids at school and then wearing them to lunch~

It was a very fun day hanging with this herd of miniature elk~
Wondering what we will get into tomorrow!

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