Friday, November 13, 2015

Owl Moon~ {FIAR}

Our row for the week was Owl Moon and we pulled anything and everything related~
 While I read they painted toilet paper rolls in prep for an art project later in the week. Memommy had dropped off yummy cookies for us so we ate those with our tea for Poetry Tuesday Teatime~
 I found a tutorial of how to draw owls so I drew with them on wrapping paper and created a KWL chart {know, want to know, learn info chart}~
Our mascot approved
 Everyone did great following along and drawing. I've seen them doodling owls all week~
 The big girls are great motivators and encouragers for the little ones~
 On Friday we created our owls from rolls we had painted while watching super cool National Geographic film about arctic snow owls~

 Our family of owls turned out ADORABLE~
 Our week of owls was full and fun~
We remembered what we knew, learned more, and even loved seeing one at the zoo last week.
{Even starting to look like Christmas in the background as well!}

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