Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Week of Cranberry Thanksgiving~ {FIAR}

Cranberry Thanksgiving has been our favorite for about 4 years now and this year was no different.
We read it among other Thanksgiving favorites~
One of our first activities was to pull out maps and globes to find the New England States for geography~

To make reading the book each day Way more fun, we made up motions to perform when a name was read~
It got a little crazy fun really!

We were having guests over for dinner so we ran to the store for ingredients to make Cranberry Orange Cake~
 EK and SJ worked on it while the other kiddos were resting~
 It turned out beautiful, smelled heavenly, and tasted even better~
We even used some cranberries for our table arrangement!

A fellow homeschooling mom Tricia Hodges @ Hodgepodge shared a chalk pastel art project so after watching the story on Youtube~
 We had our hand at drawing Mr. Whiskers with crayons of course~
 They turned out adorable~
 I had them all write something they remembered about him from the story~

Our all time favorite thing to do with this book is create silhouettes~
 Even Macy got in on the action~
 They turned out beautiful and are hanging in our school room all ready for Thanksgiving~

While naming things and people we were thankful for this week, we decided for Thankful Thursday we would write letters~
Some very special people have mail on the way!
It was a very wonderful week with this book and probably will enjoy it again next year.

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