Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Week Routine~ {Thanksgiving}

Even though the kids are homeschooled, they know the public school kids are out on holiday so making them put in a normal full day is just down right mean not necessary!

SO I snagged this adorable caddy I found in storage that Scott made when he was in middle school shop class to hold our supplies for the week~

We will concentrate on the 3Rs~ Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic.

For Bible we are watching videos from The Jesus Storybook Bible~
 and drawing on our dry erase boards as we watch or reading from our own bibles~
 For Math I pulled Life of Fred and Bedtime Math for the week and using our boards for those as well~
We started The Family Under the Bridge a while ago and didn't finish so we started over today~
We doodled while we listened then did a group narration together.
I'd say that was a productive day so we put everything away and went out to play.
That's the perfect Holiday Week Routine and we are Thankful for it!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Week of Cranberry Thanksgiving~ {FIAR}

Cranberry Thanksgiving has been our favorite for about 4 years now and this year was no different.
We read it among other Thanksgiving favorites~
One of our first activities was to pull out maps and globes to find the New England States for geography~

To make reading the book each day Way more fun, we made up motions to perform when a name was read~
It got a little crazy fun really!

We were having guests over for dinner so we ran to the store for ingredients to make Cranberry Orange Cake~
 EK and SJ worked on it while the other kiddos were resting~
 It turned out beautiful, smelled heavenly, and tasted even better~
We even used some cranberries for our table arrangement!

A fellow homeschooling mom Tricia Hodges @ Hodgepodge shared a chalk pastel art project so after watching the story on Youtube~
 We had our hand at drawing Mr. Whiskers with crayons of course~
 They turned out adorable~
 I had them all write something they remembered about him from the story~

Our all time favorite thing to do with this book is create silhouettes~
 Even Macy got in on the action~
 They turned out beautiful and are hanging in our school room all ready for Thanksgiving~

While naming things and people we were thankful for this week, we decided for Thankful Thursday we would write letters~
Some very special people have mail on the way!
It was a very wonderful week with this book and probably will enjoy it again next year.

Silhouette Tutorial~

{Repost from 2013}~

Easy tutorial for making silhouettes...

I had each one sit in a chair near a window and just flash me a smile to get warmed up~
 Then I faced them to the side and gave a certain something to look at...
I filled the frame with their profile.
{May take a few shots to get the just the right side view}~
 Next I printed each photo on white copy paper.
You might have to adjust the scale to make image bigger on the page.

Video Tutorial of Copying Workflow~

 I placed printed image on top of a black piece of construction paper.
Very carefully I cut around the profile of photo and black paper.
When complete I had a beautiful silhouette.

I coated the back of the silhouette with rubber cement and while wet attached to manila paper... could use just a simple piece of copy paper~
Once completely dry, I hung them from a fishing line with clothespins.

Here are the ones I shot this week~

I printed each photo then cut with a black construction attached~ 

They turned out perfect~

And now they are hanging in the school room for Thanksgiving~
One of my most favorite activities of the whole year.
A holiday tradition!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Give Thanks to the Lord~ {Thanksgiving Books}

Today we read Give Thanks to the Lord and talked about all the gifts we have to be thankful for.
We wrote the verse on the white board and sang our praise song to go with it~
 Everyone grabbed their journal for copywork and Evie decided she could copy all by herself. She did~
 They all drew what they were most thankful for~
 Loved hearing them share their story with each other.
Giving Thanks I get to be their mom and their teacher!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Owl Moon~ {FIAR}

Our row for the week was Owl Moon and we pulled anything and everything related~
 While I read they painted toilet paper rolls in prep for an art project later in the week. Memommy had dropped off yummy cookies for us so we ate those with our tea for Poetry Tuesday Teatime~
 I found a tutorial of how to draw owls so I drew with them on wrapping paper and created a KWL chart {know, want to know, learn info chart}~
Our mascot approved
 Everyone did great following along and drawing. I've seen them doodling owls all week~
 The big girls are great motivators and encouragers for the little ones~
 On Friday we created our owls from rolls we had painted while watching super cool National Geographic film about arctic snow owls~

 Our family of owls turned out ADORABLE~
 Our week of owls was full and fun~
We remembered what we knew, learned more, and even loved seeing one at the zoo last week.
{Even starting to look like Christmas in the background as well!}

Friday, November 6, 2015

Field Trip to the His Radio~

We were so excited to be invited to His Radio for an interview about our adoption video~
We loved telling the story about Will Perry!
The littles were so amazed to watch the interview and see themselves~
 We all took time to write notes to our favorite radio hosts~
 LOVE Rob, Alison, and Jim~
LOVED the experience and sure hope we get more opportunities!!!

Wee Gillis~ {FIAR}

Wee Gillis has become one of our favorite stories because we were able to make so many connections.
Of course we began our study with maps and globes locating Scotland~
 Wee Gillis ate oatmeal every day we made a baked one and enjoyed hot cocoa
while EK read to us about all the dogs originated in Scotland~
 I printed maps from Wonder Maps and we watercolored them~
 Of course we searched YouTube for famous Scottish Terriers and found several~
We also read the Angus books again.
A short week but squeezed as much as we could and it was fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Little More Room~

We spread everyone out just a little bit~
and now we have room for CallaAnne.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Poetry Teatime Tuesday~

I made chocolate chip muffins and hot cocoa during rest~
as well as gathered all the poetry books for Poetry Teatime.
It has become one of our favorite times of the week.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spelling You See~

EK, SJ, and the boys are using Spelling You See this year
and I really feel like it is working well.
EK, and SJ are whizzing through it but the boys have really gained confidence with reading~
They moved from bouncing through the sounds in short words to stretching them out
and reading like champs!
Good job boys! So proud of you!!