Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Giraffe that Walked to Paris~ {FIAR}

Over the weekend when allowing WP to pick his bd gift,
I picked up a bag of foam blocks and they have really been the hit.
They really were a great thing to when we had our first read with our story Monday morning~
They built beautiful zoos for the beautiful giraffe!
Throughout the week we have focused much of our FIAR time learning about Egypt.
We pulled out our globe and map books to map the journey of the giraffe~
 Ancient Egypt was a huge hit learning all about pyramids among other great things.
We kept a list as we learned new things~  
 One of the favorite days was watching a documentary about Champollion and used our hieroglyphic alphabet~
 While we listened to our story via YouTube,
they used the code sheet to paint their name with symbols~
 I think their favorite thing was connecting out study of Egypt with the Bible.
One day we actually read about Moses on Mt. Sinai in Egypt (not a coincidence!).
We also listened to our Mystery of History lessons~
One of the lessons referred to Stonehenge in England and we were excited to share
we live super close to America's Stonehenge in Elbert Co.
Hoping to go on a little field trip there tomorrow!!!

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  1. We just rowed this book the last few weeks!! Super fun for us too, and one of my favorites so far.