Monday, October 26, 2015


While decorating the bitty girls' room I hung a print in their room
that belonged to my aunt when I was a little girl...
 The kids knew they had seen it in the book Olivia so we pulled it out this week.
LOOK at the name of the book Olivia's mom is reading. :)
 This little pig has been Evie's favorite friend since Aunt Sissy gave it to her
and she and SJ have loved changing her clothes about a hundred times a day.
It has since been named Olivia and the tag book has become super popular~
 After reading the story we determined Olivia visited the MET so we went on a field trip via YouTube~
 We learned all about Edgar Degas and Jackson Pollock~
 We even got to create abstracts with a virtual Pollock drip painting game.
{Now we have the app on our Ipods}
I printed a notebooking page and we recorded info learned about both paintings~
This was all unplanned but SO meaningful because the learning connected with our real life!!!
No better learning in my opinion!!!

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