Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nature Walk Wednesday~ {Acorns and Pumpkin}

Fall in Georgia is pretty awesome!
Cool and crisp in the mornings (jacket weather) and afternoons warm enough for short sleeves.
Today we grabbed our happy meal buckets and went exploring~
 We met in the hideout for bible time and everyone wanted to look for acorns.
Along the way we spotted some really cool webs which we have been reading about in science~
 Our oak trees only dropped small acorns so off to Memommy and Pop's we went~
 And she took us to trees that dropped HUGE ones~
 That we could paint along with leaves too~
(Making prints for our nature journals)
 Why stop there?
We carved our pumpkin Freddie too~
Everyone gave a suggestion for the Surprise face!
(Really cool hack idea was to carve from the bottom 
and made cleaning it out super easy!!!)

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