Thursday, October 8, 2015

Narration is the Key~

As EK gets older I am finding she wants me to read to her at times
and then on her own other times.
I love having her sit with me after her independent reading times~
and listening to her narration of the text she read.
She is a great narrator and hearing her detail gives me a glimpse into her thinking.

This, of telling again, sounds very simple
but it is really a magical creative process
by means of which the narrator sees what he has conceived,
so definite and so impressive is the act of narrating
that which has been read only once.
I dwell on the single reading because, let me repeat,
it is impossible to fix attention
on that which we have heard before
and know we shall hear again.
–Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education

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  1. I would love any suggestions you have in getting my Bre to get into chapter books. She looks at "all the pages" and will choose a younger and smaller book. We visit the library very often but it is something intimidating about "big books". I will check out a "few chapter books and read them to her nightly and she thoroughly enjoys it" its just getting her to "dive in" on her own that is the problem. You can email me your suggestions. Thank you and enjoy reading all your advice, book suggestions as well as activities. You SO ORGANIZED!!!