Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lots of Good Stuff Today~

We finished up EC and HM's ABC handprint journals so we began number work~
 They traced the number and the word then punched correct number of circles.

 After an encouraging convo with a fellow homeschooling mom,
I picked up Brave Writer again and planned projects for EK and SJ.
EK learned about various secret codes in history and began creating her own
in Word with WingDings~
 She made secret code notes for me and Scott and I made her one too.
She loved it and already looking forward to it again tomorrow.

SJ's project included reading, retelling, and creating something from a fairy tale.
She chose Three Little Pigs and spent all afternoon making a puppet show~
 Perfect retell with the show and we videoed then watched again.
She too has already planned her fairy tale project for tomorrow!

For snack today we had Tuesday Poetry Teatime.
I pulled all the poetry books we have, baked some cookies, and lit our pumpkin candle~
 EVERYONE chose something to read that rhymed~
 You better believe this will be a weekly tradition we will look forward to~
They really did love it!!!!!


  1. I love reading about your school day. You do so many interesting things -- I don't think I have the energy or imagination to do all you do with your kids. I have enjoyed both your blogs -- especially since we are adopting from China for the first time and I went back on your other blog and read about your adoptions. Very enjoyable. This blog will make such a nice yearbook for your kids.

  2. Your awesome sauce!!!!!! Lol my goal
    Is to actually get back to posting on my blog.