Friday, October 2, 2015

Cook-a-Book/Nature Fun Friday~ {Hurricanes}

We have had tons of rain this past week and today it was pouring as well.
For Nature study...
A hurricane is gaining strength in the Atlantic so I thought it was a good time to research and learn.
We watched a few weather reports and discussed meteorology as well locating hurricane on our globe~
 Our book for the day was an oldie but goodie: Time of Wonder.
The community in the book endures a hurricane so we gathered supplies to make one.
Through several trials we figured out getting the water spinning 
before adding color allowed us to see the spiral clearly~
 We watched a National Georgraphic documentary while creating a hurricane with cotton balls~
 In the midst of all our discussions and videos, we made a list of facts learned
then copied a few into our journals~
 Next we were off to the kitchen for Cook-a-Book.
We used tortillas as our tornado then melted butter, added blue food coloring
and painted spirals adding cinnamon sugar
then rolled to cook in the microwave~
 I let them cut into pieces to see more spirals and ate it up (actually 2 of them)~
And lastly we watched Nim's Island making it a super Fun Friday!!!

We are SO praying for everyone in the path of the storms out there this weekend
especially my sister and her family.

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