Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Friday~ {Awesome Autumn Leaves}

Everyone ran out in the cold in their pjs to find one favorite leaf.
Our maple tree out back is most beautiful right now~
 We made observations while reading our Awesome Autumn book for the day.
I pulled out the laminator and that's always a fun thing to watch as their beautiful leaf came out~
 We also laminated a front and back for each person so we could record facts we listed on the white board~
We were most amazed of how God made plants able to make their own food
and also give us such beautiful color during Awesome Autumn!
Super Simple, Quick, and Fun Friday!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Scripture Doodling~

A sweet friend of mine, Lisa, posted on FB of her daughter's love for Scripture Doodling
and I inquired knowing my two girls would adore it as well.
Today I gave them their cute Doodle Bags~
 It held a journal, pencils, color pencils, eraser, sharpener, and list of scriptures.
We decided to just go with the first one listed, Romans 10:9.
We all looked it up in our bibles and highlighted.
Both girls were apprehensive to begin so I borrowed their pencils and doodled in my Journaling Bible~ 
 I think my pitiful doodle surely gave them the confidence to draw too~
 We put on Casting Crowns and enjoyed our time together during rest time~
Please go HERE to read all about April Knight Worship Artist!!!
These journals will be treasures when they are older
and look back at all the ways God spoke to them through their art.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Corduroy~ {BFIAR}

Corduroy is continued this week and while I read
 the little girls cut out their own piggy banks~
 Next I let them punch circles for play money
and we made up a game~
Using a color die they rolled and put the corresponding color money into their bank.
Then we used a number die and counted the correct number of coins as well.
I'm pretty sure Evie punched about 100 coins and I'm not even kidding!!!
One of those activities that made the morning quite successful!

Monday, October 26, 2015


While decorating the bitty girls' room I hung a print in their room
that belonged to my aunt when I was a little girl...
 The kids knew they had seen it in the book Olivia so we pulled it out this week.
LOOK at the name of the book Olivia's mom is reading. :)
 This little pig has been Evie's favorite friend since Aunt Sissy gave it to her
and she and SJ have loved changing her clothes about a hundred times a day.
It has since been named Olivia and the tag book has become super popular~
 After reading the story we determined Olivia visited the MET so we went on a field trip via YouTube~
 We learned all about Edgar Degas and Jackson Pollock~
 We even got to create abstracts with a virtual Pollock drip painting game.
{Now we have the app on our Ipods}
I printed a notebooking page and we recorded info learned about both paintings~
This was all unplanned but SO meaningful because the learning connected with our real life!!!
No better learning in my opinion!!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Corduroy~ {BFIAR}

The little girls pulled Corduroy this week and wanted to read so
we did many times and I was happy to pull out some old 'school' activities for them~
 I put out paper and patterns to make hand puppets~
(SJ said she didn't want to make her own but helped HM with the whole thing:)
Such a fun way to make narration WAY more exciting!!!
{Continued next week!}

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Making Words~ {Outside!}

Amelia needed some coasters cut from logs for a project
and when she was done with them I snatched for a Word Making game~
Evie was the first to try it out because she is usually the one attached to my hip 24/7. :)
I made the a one first and added the t to it getting the word at down
then practiced added a beginning sound to the front.
I wrote letters in chalk and she matched while she sounded to practice play with words!
{Don't even know she's schooling while she plays!}

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nature Walk Wednesday~ {Acorns and Pumpkin}

Fall in Georgia is pretty awesome!
Cool and crisp in the mornings (jacket weather) and afternoons warm enough for short sleeves.
Today we grabbed our happy meal buckets and went exploring~
 We met in the hideout for bible time and everyone wanted to look for acorns.
Along the way we spotted some really cool webs which we have been reading about in science~
 Our oak trees only dropped small acorns so off to Memommy and Pop's we went~
 And she took us to trees that dropped HUGE ones~
 That we could paint along with leaves too~
(Making prints for our nature journals)
 Why stop there?
We carved our pumpkin Freddie too~
Everyone gave a suggestion for the Surprise face!
(Really cool hack idea was to carve from the bottom 
and made cleaning it out super easy!!!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lots of Good Stuff Today~

We finished up EC and HM's ABC handprint journals so we began number work~
 They traced the number and the word then punched correct number of circles.

 After an encouraging convo with a fellow homeschooling mom,
I picked up Brave Writer again and planned projects for EK and SJ.
EK learned about various secret codes in history and began creating her own
in Word with WingDings~
 She made secret code notes for me and Scott and I made her one too.
She loved it and already looking forward to it again tomorrow.

SJ's project included reading, retelling, and creating something from a fairy tale.
She chose Three Little Pigs and spent all afternoon making a puppet show~
 Perfect retell with the show and we videoed then watched again.
She too has already planned her fairy tale project for tomorrow!

For snack today we had Tuesday Poetry Teatime.
I pulled all the poetry books we have, baked some cookies, and lit our pumpkin candle~
 EVERYONE chose something to read that rhymed~
 You better believe this will be a weekly tradition we will look forward to~
They really did love it!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Holly and Nursery Rhymes~

I got a little video of Holly 'reading' the nursery rhyme books this week~
She was super proud and I think learning SO well!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Friday~ {Writing, Chores, & Field Trip}

Today for our Friday Routine we finished breakfast, threw the dishes in the sink
and went to the schoolroom for one activity~ Writing.
We read over the ideas we listed this week about Egypt~
And they all verbally told me what they learned.
They grabbed their journal to record their knowledge~
 Ella shared the book {we have had forever but never picked up} with me
and all the cool stuff she found about what we have been learning~
Short, sweet, and meaningful.

Okay NOW to the New Routine: Friday Chores...
Each twosome headed to their rooms to Organize and Tidy
then they dusted and vacuumed~
{I worked on our room and the living spaces}
The big girls and boys both cleaned their bathrooms too.
I worked right along beside them and our house was clean in about an hour and half.
The bitties mostly just played, organized, played, organized. :)
As I finished all of the things I needed to do, the kids watched another Egypt documentary.

After lunch I looked over to find Evie dangling for the counter rinsing dishes
and loading them into the dishwasher.
Now our house is clean for the weekend
and we can't wait to celebrate Will Perry and my dad's birthdays!!!

After rest today we took a little 15 minute trip to visit the Georgia Guidestones~
 SO cool that we recognized Egyptian hieroglyphics on the capstone
and the kids could read some of the letters~
 Double cool to take their photo in front of the stone with Chinese writing on it~
 A sweet couple was visiting and asked if she could take our photo!!!~
It was a fun outing and even Macy got to go!

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Giraffe that Walked to Paris~ {FIAR}

Over the weekend when allowing WP to pick his bd gift,
I picked up a bag of foam blocks and they have really been the hit.
They really were a great thing to when we had our first read with our story Monday morning~
They built beautiful zoos for the beautiful giraffe!
Throughout the week we have focused much of our FIAR time learning about Egypt.
We pulled out our globe and map books to map the journey of the giraffe~
 Ancient Egypt was a huge hit learning all about pyramids among other great things.
We kept a list as we learned new things~  
 One of the favorite days was watching a documentary about Champollion and used our hieroglyphic alphabet~
 While we listened to our story via YouTube,
they used the code sheet to paint their name with symbols~
 I think their favorite thing was connecting out study of Egypt with the Bible.
One day we actually read about Moses on Mt. Sinai in Egypt (not a coincidence!).
We also listened to our Mystery of History lessons~
One of the lessons referred to Stonehenge in England and we were excited to share
we live super close to America's Stonehenge in Elbert Co.
Hoping to go on a little field trip there tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fairy Tales~

While the K girls are LOVING their nursery rhymes each day,
I found the older kids some fairy tale books~
and they have been a huge hit this week.
Each story has a listening CD which they play in the DVD player.
Perfect timing as I start a Brave Writer project about Fairy Tales with SJ next week.
Win for me because they can listen whenever they choose then come to me to narrate.

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift." — Kate DiCamillo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Learning Numbers~

We spend a lot of time learning and playing with letters
so I picked up a cute game for the K girls for learning numbers~
They loved playing and we made a game of trying to fill boards quickly.
Loved the ladybug theme of course!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Our church is encouraging families to make time Together this week~
As we read our bible story and watched the videos,
we were happy to take a photo celebrating we are pretty much always Together!

Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World~ {FIAR}

Our FIAR book has been a repeat but the kids loved it anyway.
As we read we mapped the trip around the world on maps
and the most interesting page on this read was the rainforest where cinnamon is harvested 
so we found a video to watch and sprinkled some by our map of Sri Lanka!!!!

On Wednesday we took our traditional trip to the mountains for apples and a pumpkin~
 Our first stop was Bryson's Apple Orchard and we picked a lot of apples~
{ate some along the way as well!}
 Everyone filled their buckets so heavily we had to load them into the wagon~
 It was cool this year being able to read tags that labeled the kinds of apples growing~
 We headed back to pay for our apples and fried apple pies~
 Such a fun stop on our day of fun~
 Heading farther up the mountain we found lots of beauty to thank God for...
Magestic mountains and wonderful waterfalls~
 Last stop was Highlands, NC where we chose our perfect pumpkin and named him Freddie~
We had dinner and headed home tired, happy, and Fall filled!!!
Thanks dad for making this family tradition a reality!
Schooling on the road is the best.

The next morning we thought over our trip and everyone chose their favorite memory~
 I printed photos and they wrote about their favorite memory in their journals~

For Cook-a-Book we made an apple pie in our iron skillet~
Peel and slice apples thinly then sprinkle with 1/2 c sugar and 1 T cinnamon.
Add to a greased iron skillet.
In separate bowl mix 1c sugar, 1c self rising flour, 1 c milk, and stick of butter.
Mix well and pour over apples.
Bake @ 350 for 35-45 min until golden brown.

A wonderful week of rowing and look forward to next week!!!