Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Names are Important~

Today our friend Nicole from 314 Productions was here filming our family
and wanting us just going about our daily life (school).
I decided to use a book we've read before~
Such a sweet book and lots of new comments from the kids this time. :)
We talked about God finding them all the way in China and allowing US to be their family.
We got their China books out and told their stories including the specialness of their name~
{Great activity for bitty girls to name letters in everyone's names}
 I wrote their name on art paper and they were to trace over and over with crayon.
Next we watercolored over the crayon filling the page creating beautiful crayon resist art for our wall~
 Nicole was able to film our everyday life as well interview every person in our family~
And yes, it was a warm sunny afternoon so the kids grabbed suits and jumped in!
Now we're enjoying tons and tons of rain. :)
A final farewell to summer and hello to October!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reading with the Boys~

The boys continue to love reading their Bob books.
 Learning the sight words is often tricky so we are using our magnetic letters
to build and read as quickly as we can~
 They switch trays when finished and work next set~
I think the cool thing is hearing how excited they are when they spot one
in a book or on a sign when we're out and about.
Reading is the most exciting thing a child can learn...
immediately their whole world opens up!!!
Keep up the good work boys!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nature Walk Wednesday and Cook-a-Book Friday~ {All Mixed into One}

We visited Rosie on Wednesday (no photo :)
so missed our Nature Walk and decided we would combine it with our Cooking today.
Last night we had precious friends over for dinner (again no photo)
and they left delicious Asian snacks for us!

You know the really cool thing about kids is they don't care if the plan for the day
is planned to the T or off the cuff.

I spotted the snacks and decided we could take those with a juice box with a book
and take a walk to the lake~
(Good stretch, huh?)
I had everyone pack nature journals, pencil boxes, a nature book, and snack
then we were off down the path to the lake.

When we made it down to the bridge and I stopped them to take a pic,
one of the boys yelled, "A TURTLE!"
Can I just say that was God giving us a sweet creature of nature for the day!

EK scooped him up and I got that photo~
We continued down to the lake and out to sit on the dock!
We had our bible time~

and I brought some poetry books along~
 Reading every poem we could find about turtles and enjoying our yummy snacks~
Because we found the box turtle, 
I read from the nature books to them~
and they sketched/wrote about our new friend~
I had also grabbed a great book called All the Places to Love because of the beautiful illustrations
and as we read, we found a turtle just like our's~

It was the best of days and we were picked up in style~
Maybe combining these two days is really the best!!!
Certainly was today!!!
Looking forward to a great long weekend!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BF Character Study~ {Family}

Our story in BF Character study this week was When I Was Young in the Mountains
and we also listened to The Relatives Came~
Cythia Rylant is one of favorites!
We had a great discussion about family and how they all came to their forever.
We made Family Trees by...
Tearing the trunk and branches,
Adding tissue paper for leaves,
Punching apples for people~
Printing maps of China and marking where their birth family lives.
Adding God to the top because He willed it all.
In the end we all gave thanks for our amazing family
whether born in mom's body or heart...
We're ALL loved more than we could ever imagine
because God FIRST loved us!!!

Psalm 68:6
God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.