Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Tree Lady Row~ {Along with Blueberries for Sal and A Tree is Nice}

We have continued to row The Tree Lady and today we designed the perfect park
we would like to be built in our small town~

For Blueberries for Sal I made up a game using a big die, a silver pail, and our Tenzi dice (blueberries)~
 The girls rolled the dice, identified the number pattern, then dropped their dice~
 in search of the same number pattern to drop into their pail.
Fun way to strengthen visual discrimination, fine motor, number patterns,
number recognition, matching, and so much more.
They have played this game over and over
so it was definitely a hit.
I have also watched them teach the bigger kids how to play
so that is even a bigger bonus.
Math at its finest!!!
AND because it can be tiring to read the BFIAR and FIAR books every single day~
I get help from my super reader EK!!!
SO thankful!

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