Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Checklist is Working!!!~

Sarah Mckenzie shared an idea on The Simple Show of writing out a checklist
of things to do for each child so they know exactly what needs to be done on a given day.
She went on and on about the success of it so I gave it a try with EK and SJ~
 Brilliant and working so wonderfully!!!
The other practice I see making our days begin with a positive flair
is just having everything out and ready to go~
 One thing on the list is reading a book.
Today SJ asked if she could WRITE something to read...
OF course!!!~

For the K girls I am using Before Five in a Row and this week we are reading Ask Mr. Bear.
I am finding all the kids want to listen and why shouldn't they!!!
After reading today they matched where some of our food comes from~
 The big kids are using Five in a Row and a new book was just added: The Tree Lady
and we LOVE this story!!!
Today we learned all about the state of California~
 AND just like the bigs listen to the K story... the K girls are listening to the big book too.
I see that being a very WIN win for all six of the kids!!!

 Another item on the checklists is a chore for that day.
Today it was cleaning their bathroom.
I have spent time teaching and cleaning the bathroom beside the girls~
 and today they taught the boys!

The best part of the checklist is checking off each item 
and knowing a job well known~
The Checklist is Working!!!

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