Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our New Schoolroom~

If you have followed my blog over the last couple of years
you know we have schooled all over our house.
This summer as we have sporadically schooled I began thinking about
a designated space where learning and imagination could collide each day.

My first thought (and we have used this room for school once before) was the living room.
It is off to itself and hardly ever used so just seemed natural to use it.
I wanted tables for two children to share and looked online for ideas.
I even ordered three from Target and sent them all back.

I dreamed of little tables like the big one we have at the pool...
after all who doesn't love a beautiful farmhouse table!!!
This plan came up one day while I was searching and knew it was the one.
Scott finally got on board and we began building.

One week later after a few shopping trips with kids in tow
we completed all the details for our room and I couldn't be happier.

It is a bright, happy space with lots of room for all we will share together~
 The view of all four wall~

 The tables are nestled along the back wall behind our pink sofa
with everything they will need each day~
 There is so much charm woven into this room~
The old windows hanging above the desks once hung over my grandmother Martin's kitchen sink.
The pink sofa and floral chairs were my grandmother Ferguson's 
and I remember them from when I was a little girl!

Each pair of children will share a space~
 Pencil boxes in a tray on the table and a shelf holding their favorite book collection
as well as all the learning materials they need~

 We have a time and materials wall, US map, and white board area~
I really think we will spend most of our time piled on the sofa or lying on the round rug
listening to and reading lots of books!!!
Much work to be done but the Whole Hearts to nurture will matter the most!

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