Tuesday, August 4, 2015

First Day in our New Space~

Today was our first day in the new improved schoolroom
and it sure was wonderful...
having everyone in their own space~
The little girls had new cutting books today~
which led to watching adorable otter videos and our NewSpring Church video!
And that led to everyone wanting to put on their new NewSpring tshirts given to them Sunday~
And that required a photo!
After the little girls finished their table work they moved on to math.
They seem to need a new activity each time they go here so I made up...
Number in the Bag game:
They pulled a number, named it, and made a unifix cube train that long~
Listening to stories was a favorite of course~
We read The Tree Lady and The Gruffalo!
WELL SJ actually read the Gruffalo to us and we LOVED it~
(Everyone built with legos while they listened!)
She also played hangman with the littles (her idea).
I think we have a teacher on our hands!!!

We also have a new dice game and it is a favorite for everyone 
 Big girls and boys play as rules specify
 and little girls just play by matching same numbers.
Whatever way they played, it was definitely FUN!!!!!


  1. What a fun day with your kiddos!!!!! Love the school room.

  2. What a beautiful room! Looks like the school year is off to a great start!