Friday, August 28, 2015

Cook-a-Book Friday: Dinosaurs~ {Science}

Everyone has loved our Dinosaur chapter in our Apologia Science Book: Land Animals on the Sixth Day.
Our Mystery of History was awesome explaining when Dinosaurs may have been on earth~
We watched Digging Up Dinosaurs Reading Rainbow 
which reminded us of a fabulous Dinosaur Museum we visited in Fuzhou
so we pulled out SJ's China videos
which was perfect because tomorrow is SJ Day (5 years!)~

Our book was one the boys love so we went through and labeled all the dinosaurs we have~
 We also did all the puzzles we own~
 For art we painted stegosauruses and decorated them~
 In the Reading Rainbow we learned all about fossils so for our Cooking project
we used sugar cookies, pressed dinosaurs into them, and painted with colored milk~
 It was a huge hit and the process was SO much better than the product~
Great thing is... doesn't matter if the cookies all baked into big blobs.
They tasted delicious and made our day SO FUN!!!
Looking forward to finishing up this chapter next week.

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