Friday, July 3, 2015

Yes, I Let my Kids Text~ {3 Benefits to Texting}

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids on screens.
One side says 'a little is a lot' and the other side says 'it's the future'
so I work hard to find a happy medium.
That being said we have an Ipod or Ipad for each child
and they are mainly used for 'school apps'.
{I have some Pinterest pages with my favs listed}

On Mon-Friday they get 30-45 minutes a day for school apps only
and on Sat-Sun 1 hour for MINDCRAFT don't you know!

The only exceptions are doctor waiting rooms or long trips in the car
and they have free choice although no wifi sure limits them. :)

The other exceptions are listening to audio stories anytime they want
{LOVE Boxcar Children the most}
or following youtube video to create something fabulous like bandaloom thingys.

Because the kids have three older siblings that live out of our house,
we have allowed EK to text them from a free app Viber.
She has loved having the freedom to talk to them when she wants.

All of the screens are connected to MY Itunes account so I am notified when texts are sent and received.
There are no worries it will be abused or dangerous.
We only have numbers for immediate family members and the kids must be careful
of how often and what time they are choosing to text.

Just this week I added another texting app for SJ~
She is SO excited to be in the BIG world like EK!

There are SO many things positive things gleaned from this new technology...
But here are just 3 Main Ones~

1. Reading: The whole thing is about reading from finding the contact, to reading the texts, to xing out the ads because I choose the free apps.

2. Writing: The whole thing is about writing too. I have watched them sounding the words and seeing that three words pop up for them to choose from. That is multiple choice if I've ever seen it. :) They are learning about punctuation and grammar as well.

3. Communication: The whole thing is about communication... getting their message across without excess of words. It has been a great learning experience for us all.

We are still finding a good rhythm for this new privilege as far as time goes.
Right now I am letting them check their mail about twice a day with one to two responses.
It is strengthening relationships and filling in gaps with everyone traveling this summer.
I tell you right now I am THANKFUL for texting with my two girls in 
Italy and Arizona!!!

Would LOVE to know how you manage screentime in a simple manner!!!


  1. This is great! It is helpful to read what other families do. I have struggled with this but feel like we are finding our way and what we are comfortable with now. We have found that setting a certain time of day as well as a time limit for Ipad/computer use is really helpful. My boys who are 5 and 6 get 45 minutes after our quiet time (my two younger girls are still napping then). This is nice because it extends quiet time and gives me a bit of extra time to rest or do chores as needed. I think once we start school up again in the Fall, we will allow only "Brain Games" as we call them here (educational apps/games) during the week and free choice on Saturdays. There are times when we break these rules but then I don't feel bad about it because I know they're not doing too much on a regular basis.

  2. I really enjoyed this post about how you all handle electronics. I feel like a hill billy most of the time - because we just are not a techie family at all!! ;0) We do not even own an Ipad! I went kicking and screaming to a smart phone - but I am glad to have it with bigs away from home now and also because of adoption paperwork. Being able to access e-mail anywhere is huge right now. We do not have WiFi in our home either, which makes all things electronic more tricky. I agree with what you said about "it is the future" and so sometimes I think we better get with it around here. I am always surprised at how easy the computer and all things computer is for the kids when they get older though! Well, this ramble is all to say you have given us something to think about!!

  3. The internet is SO scary, and we are venturing into the "cyber world" reluctantly but slowly. Is that a NABI that EK has? I love the idea of the texting linked to your Itunes. I don't own an Iphone (I have the Sansung Galaxy 5) but you prompted me to ask my carrier about this ability.