Thursday, July 9, 2015

Writing Workshop~

One of the foundations we hold fast to each school day is writing in our journals.
EK & SJ have gotten to a place where they need a starter every once in a while
so this week I gave them a couple~
SJ is in love with Little Bear books right now and after a retelling I had her
choose her favorite page which I coped.
We glued into her journal and she completed copywork~

The boys are drawing and writing their own words with lines for support
as well as a little help sounding out~

This week was the first time ever EC had written her name
and we were SO proud of her~
They both drew a picture and wrote words.
I love seeing how each individual is progressing and growing.
Payne is the only one that LOVES writing stories but everyone loves looking
back at all the ones they have written...
The best keepsake of all!

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