Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Kindergarten Girls~ {Curriculum}

The bitty girls are beginning their first year of Kindergarten
and as I chatted with a friend from Texas about homeschooling our kids,
I mentioned maybe schooling the K girls when they came down for the morning.
They are up about 7am and willing to engage so why not?
Amber agreed and I jumped right in Thursday morning!

I NEED my morning time so I got up @ 5:30, had my quiet time and yoga,
then I heard the bitties heading down the stairs right after 7.
I had already set up the table in the sunroom for them
and as soon as we hugged and filled love tanks,
we headed to the table~
 I had their Journals opened with name written and line underneath.
They traced over and copied on the line.
Today we practiced drawing a house and wrote the word.
I love Kumon books and the girls worked on the cut and paste one.

I am using Before Five in a Row with the girls this year and this week it has been The Blue Boat.
I read the book each day and by mid week the girls are reading along with me.

They also practiced letter formation with Handwriting Without Tears~

To make letter sounds a little more fun and 'hands on', we are making alphabet handprint art each day~
 Evie LOVES painting her own hand!
For math, we used unifix cubes to practice counting sets and making patterns~

 I am also using some little Scholastic readers to teach the girls Nursery Rhymes
and they are learning many emergent readers skills.
Some of the others are joining right in when they get up each morning too~
The best part of this whole thing is having the Ks done before breakfast
and the rest of their day free for their choosing.

{They do come and go into the school room especially if I am reading a story
or working on a project and we are happy to have them!!!}

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  1. Gotta get on posting what we are doing. Lol since you linked me 😉 love love what you are doing!!!!!!!