Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kindergarten Girls~ {Cont. with Centers}

I start school with the other 4 kids about 9am
and there are areas other than the K girls' room where they can play/learn.
{Remember I am getting their Table Work done before breakfast!}

The first is in our Sunroom with a shelf full of activities~
 Playdough, Kinetic Sand, Dot Painters, Art Supplies, Legos~
 Math Manipulatives, Games, Puzzles, and Magformers~
 I moved their kitchen downstairs and it has become the new favorite for everyone~
 They can sit in the rocker and read library books as well as create art @ the table.

In the school room their shelf is full of pegs, ABC puzzles, Retelling Brown Bear~
 ABC fishing, Hot Dots, Fishing Puzzle, Geoboards~
 Little People, Calendar, and a couple of resources for ideas~
They have plenty of K choices to keep them engaged while I'm working with the older kids.


  1. Thank you for all these great ideas¡

  2. Where did you get your containers to hold their stuff. They look like a good size.