Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Friday~ {Venice, Gondolas, & Monet}

Today was one of those rabbit trail days.
and we learned the people travel by gondolas via canals of water.
We tried our hand at making our own but turned out more like canoes. :)
As we were researching gondolas and watching videos of them,
we discovered that a VERY famous artist Claude Monet had painted a gondola.

Thus the rabbit trail... we took some time to learn all about Monet's life
and lingered through many of his beautiful masterpieces.
We kept coming back to the Water Lilies and The Water Lily Pond~
 We found a wonderful art activity and I just happened to have all the supplies we needed:
paper, watercolors, green paper, and coffee filters.
We began with the background and built our masterpieces from there~
It was a beautiful Fun Friday full of Venice, Gondolas, & Monet!

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  1. You are doing so so great. I just sat in a session with Heidi St. John on this very topic. Teaching multiple children unit study way. I grabbed a cd for you but you rock it already!!!! Just to have your heart encouraged that you are doing so good!!!!!