Thursday, July 2, 2015

A New School Year~

Our New School Year begins on July 1 and this year it was the day Mimi left for Italy~
 We said a very sad see you soon and decided it would be great if we 'went' to Italy too.
She is sending us photos as she's out and about all over Rome~
She attending class two days a week and field tripping on two days.
In order to feel like we are there with her,
we chose Papa Piccolo for our FIAR book~
Our first thing was to locate in our Maps book and on the globe.
We made a map and coded it as well the flag.
SJ also allowed us to hear the national anthem. 
A video was sent to Mimi before traveling giving her a glimpse of the trip
so we watched as well and grew excited of what she would do~
 We have also learned about Marco Polo~
as well as some of the sights she is seeing like the Colosseum~
We have loved reading Papa Piccolo over and over and have noticed a parallel
theme between it and The Family Under the Bridge~
Some families don't exactly match the traditional mold (like our family)
and that difference is what makes the world so wonderful.
It's okay to be different... All that matters is the Love we build it on!!!
We miss you Mimi but feel close to you as we learn
as much as we can about Italy!!!
{We plan to carry this theme through the month of July}

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