Monday, January 12, 2015

Snowmen at Night~

We bought this precious book last week and read it today! LOVE!
So fun imagining what snowmen do while we sleep. :)
We dreamed about snow and how much we wanted to build our own snowman...
{I know what you're wanting to sing}~
 I found a cute idea to turn decorating a snowman into a math game
but can't find it so I made up my own.
They created snowman balls with paper plates and added arms.
We punched circles with my Creative Memories circle maker~ 
 Next I gave each a die and hole punchers.
They rolled for a number, punched that many holes, and glued to their man.
The two big girls guided a younger sister and all went well.
While they finished up, I made hot cocoa for everyone~
and we began our new chapter book for the next couple of weeks.
LOVE rowing some snow books in hopes we might get a little of the white stuff!!!


  1. What a Fun, Fun day!!!! Hats off to SUPER MOM. :)

  2. Love your ideas!! You are THE BEST!!!

  3. LOVE that book & if you do get a "little" of the white stuff you'll have to remember to bundle up & venture out in the moonlit snow @ night makes for a great family memory. Girls still talk about it. I have to say I'm rushing winter because I'm ready for sun & the pool LOL

  4. Saw a cute idea on pinterest about building your own snowman with marshmallows, chocolate chips or m&m features, and pretzel stick arms....might be a fun treat!