Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Friday~ {Listening Day}

My sweet friend Melissa loaned us many books and tapes
and even gave us some that were being thrown out~
 I finally had time to gather it up, put out some supplies for responding to the stories,
and let them have a morning of simple listening~
 And when that got old, we pulled out the Ipads~
 Then we made kid made pizzas and called it a Fun Friday~
Ready for the weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mr. Popper's Penguins~

We continued reading Mr. Popper's Penguins today
and added a fiction and non fiction selection to the mix.
For our 'activity' they traced, cut, and created a little penguin for some math work~
 Evie was so cute tracing the right side of pattern with her right hand
then switching to her left hand when on the left
{and I didn't correct her because it worked for her}
and just look at Payne working with that cast~
 Then there is Holly that actually understood the directions to cut ON the lines
and glue all her parts correctly... SO excited for her!!!
We played a fish eating game by putting a few fish in the penguin tummy~
 Writing it on the dry erase board and showing me with their fingers,
they loved subtraction!
{baby for EK/SJ but they humored us!}
So fun!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Busy Fingers~

Today I pulled out a little fine motor work for the 4 youngest
because they want to sew like the bigger girls.
I picked up some tapestry needles at Michael's and shelf liner at Dollar Tree.
I cut small squares, threaded the needles, and attached to the squares~
 I gave them a little tutorial on down and up
{which made no difference}
because they all did their own thing and that was awesome~
Super concentration was had while we all listened to our books for the day.
They all ended up in cute little balls and asked for more!
Busy Fingers getting stronger every time they poked that needle through!!!
Good sewing little kids!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Zoo Day~ {Fun Friday}

Before school even started this am, 
Payne got out his journal and wrote a story about me and his dad~
He wrote our names and Love
then said "Mom, Dad is loving you!"
I think he is learning how to be a mighty man of God!!!

Today we pulled some Zoo theme books and had a reading party~
 I had the photos printed we took at the Zoo this week and we put them in a little album.
We went through each one and wrote a story of our day
then printed our favorite memory and glued it into our journals~
A good simple Fun Friday!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Foundational Learning~

The Bitty girls are learning their letters and sounds...
(and didn't want to do anything in their drawers) SO
I pulled out our Leap Frog Letter Factory video and popped it in~
 I wrote the alphabet on a page in their journal and they trace the letter when they sang its sound.
Evie was rockstar at this and Holly was loved the singing!

I was back and forth between all kids and loved snuggling up to hear SJ~
 read a chapter from her Henry and Mudge book!

Back to check on bitties and found they had drawn a crowd~
 After the video, I put out the ABC stamps and they stamped all the letters
while remembering their sounds. 
(Evie helped Holly find her spot)
Gotta Watch THIS~

The boys had their own reading time going!
Partner reading is the best!!!
Post about EK's contribution to the morning HERE!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Greenville Zoo~ {Field Trip Day}

We were all dressed and beginning school when my friend Ragan texted
and invited us to meet them at the zoo.
Ummm yes!
Packed a couple of bags with lunch, grabbed my camera, and off we went!!!
BOY are we glad we went~
 EK & SJ had wanted to visit the zoo after their big project~

 The zoo is pretty small so the kids feel like they 'Know' all the animals.
Loved seeing every single one and reading about them~
 My sweet friend Ragan and her two babies... (and 2 waiting in China!)

Today was Squirrel Appreciation Day so all the kids made feeders~

After a picnic lunch, we hit the playground~
Could NOT have had a more beautiful day... 70 degrees!~
 Super cool story...
I met an adoption mom and family at the park.
We both had so much in common: lots of Chinese children, homeschool families,
same age, and photogs~
 Our kids hit it off as well as we did and you would have thought we'd known them always~
 LOVED making new friends and great memories~
 Thank you sweet Ragan for making our day Awesome!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Mitten~

Today we watched a new video series
 I found out about on the Charlotte Mason FB page
and can I say they were MESMERIZED!!!~
There will be a new short nature video up each day
and of course we had to catch up since we have missed the other 19.
It was the perfect lead into listening to The Mitten~
 I traced around their hand to make a mitten they could "Sew" together!
We also had copies of the animals that we colored, cut, and used to act out the story~
while we watched and listened to Jan Brett read her own story to them.
She told us it was a Ukrainian tale so EK went to the map and found it for us.
We loved knowing that William and Daniel were born there
and we also found Norway which is where they live now!!!
Love you all Dove Family in Norway!!!

PS... Payne did not miss a beat today even with his arm in a cast~
Thankful for a good day!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

MLK, Jr~

Today was a holiday for us but we took time to read a wonderful book~
This page was the one we talked about the most
and they can all pretty much recite it now.
We played a game all day of "Now, that's NOT fair!".
I would say~ "Everyone without glasses gets ice cream and the others get none!"
Now THAT'S not fair!
It really helped us think about treating each other the way they wanted to be treated.
Thank you MLK for your great dream!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday~ {It's A ZOO Around Here!}

Earlier this week EK and SJ took one little section in our Apologia Science book
and went ZOO wild with it.
They immediately began making zoo keepers and visitors.
Their dad took them to Walmart for supplies and found a board to build on
and Today they created All! Day! Long!
They collected all the animals they could find in their room,
built all the exhibits, copied info about all the animals~
 and BOOM... their own Zoo~
 A few closeup photos of each area complete with signs and info boards~

I had them give me a tour while I videoed and think they did amazingly well~

The other kiddos ran back and forth checking out the progress
then back to their Fun Friday activities...
Listening to stories, making amazing Art projects~

 Playing with the Kinetic Sand which we LOVE!!!~
Turned out to be one of the best Fun Fridays ever!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday~ {Winter}

Our morning began with a little puzzle that (yes!) I picked up at $1 spot...
They have all loved it even if it is so simple for everyone except Holly~
 But with Evie being her K teacher :), she is learning quickly!!!

For math today, the boys had to count sets and choose the correct numeral.
Pretty easy for them but when I began asking them to SHOW me an amount with their fingers.
they had to count it out.
I took some time working with them... 
They finally started to use counting up and on skills-
{very abstract thinking for them)~
 I had them sit knee to knee and call numbers for each other.
It was a win win because for them to check each other they had to know themselves.
LOTS of laughing and learning while working together!

For Activity Time (as they have begun to call it)
We reread The Snowy Day and discovered we had three copies
so SJ asked if she could read with me.
She read a page and I read a page~
 I think it will always be one of the boys favorite books!
I also read a non fiction about Winter~
 and we made our own list of things that happen in Winter to make our own littles books~
~wear winter clothes
~build a snowman
~play basketball
~build fires
~build a snowman
~build a snowman
{I know... that song again}
Thankful for another wonderful day learning with this crew!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Animals in Winter~ {The Snowy Day}

Science seems to be on the brain this week.
I had EK gather our books this am: Bible, The Snowy Day, and on of her choice
{will always be non fiction}
so she chose Animals in Winter~
(loved how Bible corresponded with our animal sort)
After reading, we sorted Arctic Animals and read from our Apologia Science book.
Just one paragraph sent the girls in pursuit of creating a zoo.
They've been working all afternoon making the zookeepers and visitors!

Loved looking around today to see everyone choosing their own reading~
and enjoying it.
The bitties wanted to read too so we played an alphabet game with the letters
I found in the Target $1 spot~
 I held up a big card with letter and sang the Leap Frog song~
"The A says a, the A says a, every letter has a sound, the A says a".
They had to find the matching one and hand to me before song was over.
We sang through every letter and they LOVED it.
I think this will be an everyday thing for a while.
{Add what starts with that sound next}.