Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Centers for Jan 2016

I have used the last couple of days to reorganize the school room and closet.
In the midst of that big job, I switched out the centers for boys and bitty girls.
I came to conclusion allowing them to do the same activities will completely help me in the long run.
The boys are always excited to work on centers and the bitties not so much SO
I am going to let one boy work with one girl encouraging cooperation and diligence.

You can see below what I will have available:
10 on the Spot: ten frames for math, Playdoh and ABC/word work, ABC match, and an old game for Word Play~
 Letter stampers in kinetic sand, ABC floor puzzle, Math game, and Work making~
I'm hoping this will help the girls be more interested in center time!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Room for a Little One~ {Gift Bag Poetry Books}

Our last official day of school in 2015 was short and sweet.
We read and listened to Room for a Little One and colored a nativity page~
 We wrote our own free verse poem about Jesus~ God's Greatest Gift~
 Room for a Little One
(by Ankerich Academy)
is God’s only Son
born in a stable
to Mary and Joseph.
He lived to show us God.
He died on the cross to save us
so we can go to Heaven.
Jesus is the greatest Gift!
He has Room for a Little One~
{Glued our nativity scene to it and made it the last page of our book}
Then I cut gift bags and stapled their poems inside to make these Gift Bag Books~
 We had a little poetry reading time then called it a day~
Peace out 2015... it's been the best year and looking forward to 2016!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Christmas Humbugs~

The story request for today was The Christmas Humbugs which we read every year
but is always a favorite~
Go HERE or HERE or HERE to see the years past.
Our poetry activity today was The 'Wh' Poem so after reading our book
we wrote this cute poem about Humbugs~

This year I wanted to do something different and while in Walmart saw big pompoms
and decided we would make Humbugs with them~
I had some big old fashioned clothespins to glue everything on to.
First we chose a big pompom and glued it first along with eyes and a red ribbon hanger~
 Next we strung bells of the ends of a pipe cleaner and hot glued it to pin as well.
We used big sequins for the wings~
 For the stockings we twisted red and white pipe cleaners and wound them around the legs~
 Everyone wanted their humbug at the top of the tree so they would surely spy~
Christmas Spirit from everyone.
(Well, Most of the time)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Christmas Story~

The Christmas Story is a new book we bought this year after listening to THIS podcast
and it will be one of our favorites always.
The illustrations are gorgeous.
Our poem to write was the Cinquain.
I have been amazed Evie has done all her own copying for poetry~
 Everyone was SO proud of their poem with the little stable we added to the bottom~
 More pages for our Poetry Books~

The weather is SO gorgeous in the 70s we went out for the rest of the day
and gathered our supplies to make pinecone bird feeders~

 Some seriously messy work~
 We hung them in our tree right outside our kitchen windows in hopes of bird watching~
 When it was lunch how could we go in???
Memommy had given us happy meal gift cards so we ran to McDonald's and came back for a picnic~
Then played the day away~
Making the best of December days in the 70s!!!
NO complaining here!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Imogene's Antlers~ {All About Elk}

Today we read Imogene's Antlers as a springboard for our poetry writing~

Again I printed a poetry page and we wrote our Haiku poem as a group.
I wrote on the board and they copied~

Our topic was Reindeer and after copying, EK gave a drawing lesson for drawing deer~

I can't wait to put all these in a poetry book for them when complete~

 Next I found some patterns I had when teaching way back in the day and we made our own reindeer antlers
while watching a documentary on YouTube~

Everyone worked so hard~

I remember making these with my kids at school and then wearing them to lunch~

It was a very fun day hanging with this herd of miniature elk~
Wondering what we will get into tomorrow!

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Christmas Wish~ (And Poem Writing)

Today as I rummaged through my Christmas box looking for an activity to do,
I found a Christmas Poetry book Amelia made when she was in fifth grade.
I showed it to the kids~

and we decided we would make one too~
 We printed our own poetry page and began writing our Acrostic Poem on the board~
 We all thought of words that began with letters in the word Christmas to make our poems~
Tomorrow it will be Haiku!!!

THEN we read The Christmas Wish and the kids loved it because the illustrations were photos~
As I read EK and SJ were my hot glue helpers in making reindeer necklaces for everyone.
The photos reminded us of Jan Brett's books so we listened to this story while we worked~
Another fun day counting down to Christmas.
11 days to go!!!
Thank you to Amelia for a great poetry writing activity!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree~ {Fun Friday}

I've said this several times this week but The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree truly is my favorite~
 For Fun Friday we just read the book and made Rice Krispie treat Christmas Trees~
 It was a super sensory activity for several kids who dislike sticky~
 But EK and SJ rose to the occasion and the trees turned out perfect.
We also worked on Baked Oatmeal jars for friend and neighbor gifts~
It's been a wonderful Christmas Tree Week and already looking forward to next week!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Little Fir Tree~

Another sweet story today, The Little Fir Tree, and before we read it,
 EK ran out to get everyone a big pinecone~
 to paint while they listened to the story~
 We allowed them to dry pretty much all day and tonight after dinner, they got to glitter them up~
 I hot glued them to a paper plate then they added tons of sequins making a pretty sweet mess~
'Our principal' was the one to buy us glitter and new glue then helped us with the finishing touches~
 The proud Little Fir decorators with their beautiful creations~
These little trees will decorate our home as we celebrate Christmas with family
and my sweet mama's birthday this weekend!
It was the best day!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree~

Today we read the sweetest story today called A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree.
EK hot glued little popsicle trees together and while I read, they all painted~
 We added a white backing then a photo of them, their name, and fingerprint along with a little bling~
Waalaa~ beautiful Christmas tree ornaments for our frame tree!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Countdown to Christmas~ {Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree}

Today we continued our Advent Journey with The Jesus Storybook Bibles while watching the DVD~

We also watched our NewSpring KidSpring Videos on YouTube~
The theme is Space and the truth is I AM MADE BY GOD!
The kids LOVE it!

I always love to spend a week before Christmas reading Christmas books
and doing tree activities. 
Today we read Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree and used this glyph to make our trees~
Sensory delight was in full swing with fingerpaint trees~
 We traced, cut, and glued all our tree trims~
 We also read about why we decorate Christmas trees and I think their most interesting thing learned was the shape represents the Trinity... SO good~
Evie was totally into creating her countdown chain and encouraged everyone that they could make their's too!
The trees are hung and countdown is ON to Christmas!!!