Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Tree Day~

Today we read two of our favorite Christmas books:
We brought our art supplies out to Savannah's and worked on this~
We actually strung some beads on the pipe cleaners first and then curled into trees 
attaching them to snow doilies~
EK and SJ did great using the low temp glue guns 
to attach their pom poms, sequins, and buttons, then helped their brothers.
I helped these two and it was an adventure~
You know Evie... always up for a big project!!!

I brought a couple of books for EK and SJ to read with me ...
The text may have been a little simple for EK but let me say she and SJ
loved the literal/figures of speech.
Great fun was had by both!!!
Her face says it all... Mom! I can read this all by myself!

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