Friday, November 21, 2014

Pilgrims & Turkeys~

Today we read The Story of the Pilgrims~
 While reading the bigger 4 worked on Domino Addition (random)
and the bitties cut and pasted a turkey in their journals.
I found a Thanksgiving Story Bracelet Poem
and each one made their bracelet to wear while I read~
(great color practice for bitties, listening practice for the boys,
and filling in missing words for comprehension for big girls)~
 I also have a Turkey Hand Poem I think I have used every year I've schooled
and thought twice about doing it again but what child doesn't want his hand painted!!!
This was Holly's first time and she was amazed!!!
 This year I let the big girls paint their own hands and the bitties were jealous. :)~
 Pilgrims and Turkeys~
made this Fun Friday a great success!!!
Next week two days on and we are off for Thanksgiving!!!

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