Thursday, November 6, 2014

EK and SJ~ {Writing and Reading}

These girls are really becoming independent learners in so many ways.
EK has always loved horses and it's awesome when our curriculums overlap
causing even more interest in subjects like Ungulates.
EK wrote her own chapter book~

In Apologia science, we are learning all about Ungulates.
In history (Beautiful Feet), we are reading about Abraham Lincoln which has horses in it.
We decided to pull out Little House on the Prairie to read.
Everyone has loved listening and today we began watching season 1 together.
Evie never sits and watches tv ever but for some reason she watched this!
Go figure...

Then there is SJ who asked if she could read a Little Critter book~
 Her face was priceless when she realized she could REALLY read it!
Gotta love when that big light bulb comes on.
Now she is the cool sister that everyone piles in beside to have a listen~
THAT is one of many sweet homeschooling blessings!

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  1. I loved Little House on The Prairie books when I was a kid. I can remember almost running to find a spot on the carpet as the teacher announced story time. To this day, I still love to watch the episodes on TV. I'm in the throes of introducing the story to my 7yrold.