Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cranberry Thanksgiving~ {Silhouettes}

Our VERY Favorite Thanksgiving book is Cranberry Thanksgiving~
Can't you tell from their laughing happy faces?
I found a fabulous video to watch about How they Grow? Cranberries~
Then had a little taste test!

MY very Favorite part of this story is the silhouette page which leads us to make our own.
SO how do I do it?
Tutorial below~
1. Sit child in front of the window and grab your camera to shoot a photo from the side.
(Make take several tries... be sure to shoot close enough so whole head fills the frame)
2. Print the photo onto piece of copy paper
(I print black and white to save color ribbon)
3. Hold copy and black construction paper then carefully cut around the face
(Cut slowly so to get every detail you can)
(I let them glue the black and white copy in their journals)
4. Once cut flip black silhouette to back and completely cover with rubber cement then attach to white tagboard

5. Use washi tape on clothespins to create cute clips and hang on a strand of burlap~

Hang as a beautiful decoration for Thanksgiving~

"The days are long, but the years are short."

~ Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brain Games~

Found this awesome game for EK~
{SJ loves watching and learning the strategy}
We LOVE Unifix Cubes
and working our brains with the game!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New ABC Game~

I ordered this awesome Super Why ABC Letter Game~
and tried it out on Evie first.
It covers SO many skills including the obvious:
Letter recognition, rhyming, sounds, and short words.
In addition, we worked on spinning a spinner, recognizing numbers, counting spaces,
finding correct card, answering question, waiting her turn, and the joy of beating mom.
Planning to play one on one with the 4 youngest to get the rules down 
then move to helping boys play unassisted.
A great game to play every day working on big skills for these little ones.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pilgrims & Turkeys~

Today we read The Story of the Pilgrims~
 While reading the bigger 4 worked on Domino Addition (random)
and the bitties cut and pasted a turkey in their journals.
I found a Thanksgiving Story Bracelet Poem
and each one made their bracelet to wear while I read~
(great color practice for bitties, listening practice for the boys,
and filling in missing words for comprehension for big girls)~
 I also have a Turkey Hand Poem I think I have used every year I've schooled
and thought twice about doing it again but what child doesn't want his hand painted!!!
This was Holly's first time and she was amazed!!!
 This year I let the big girls paint their own hands and the bitties were jealous. :)~
 Pilgrims and Turkeys~
made this Fun Friday a great success!!!
Next week two days on and we are off for Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Evie and a Hole Puncher~

Night before last the littles were out of daylight 
and made a train complete with tickets~
So this morning Evie wanted her chance with the hold punchers
and punched all morning making a whole lot of confetti~
and thanks to a sweet friend's suggestion...
decorated our dinner table.
Such awesome fine motor work all for a great reason.
She was super proud of herself!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Reading Game with the Boys~

Last week the boys started reading an emergent reader called What Is It?
and their new sight words were is and it.
It has been super tricky for them but we are persevering. 
After we read through the book, worked on making words with clothespins,
and the sight word cards,
I gave then each a dice with the words: a, and, it, it, is, is
on it~
I sat the token discs out for them and they each rolled dice.
If they could read the word rolled, they grabbed a token.
If they couldn't, I read for them and they rolled again.
The goal was to empty the token container as fast as we could.
So again, the game wasn't against each other but against the token container.
The boys had great fun and learned their new words to boot!
They can't wait to play again tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Santa Visit Stories~

When you visit Santa and want to take photos with your own camera,
they make you purchase a set of photos for $25...
crazy but it is the rules so we comply and today we enjoyed those photos~
I helped them each glue their photo in as well as their Pink Pig sticker/ticket.
We wrote about our fun day and they can look back at their photo to remember.
It was sweet to see Holly's face light up and say Santa
when I gave her the photo.
I also love watching all 6 look back through their journals
reading and remembering all the things we have saved in this book.
A great keepsake for sure!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Albuquerque Turkey~

Today we read/sang Albuquerque Turkey~
and enjoyed a little art activity~
We traced, cut, decorated, and wrote about our own pet turkeys.

I have found that for now hand over hand for Holly helps her understand
what we are doing~
Everyone did a great job~

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Most Thankful Thing~

I left the kids in the school room while I ran to get dressed this morning
and came back to this...
EK reading and teaching the bitty girls Brown Bear, Brown Bear~
and SJ teaching the boys calendar~
All was right with the world... I just sat back and watched!
A Most Thankful Moment for sure!

I had EK choose a story from our Thanksgiving basket to read today
and she chose~
The little girl in the story kept trying to guess her mom's Most Thankful Thing
and so did the littles as they listened to me read.
It was sweet to see their faces as they realized having a family is The Most Thankful Thing
and I could barely get through the last couple of pages...
had a few leaking tears stream down my cheeks.
They all grabbed their journals~
and wrote about their Most Thankful Thing~
We all took turns reading what we wrote and celebrated
the authors and illustrators they've already become.
My Most Thankful Thing... my family!
And being home every single day to teach these beautiful gifts from God!!!

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Centers for Boys and Bitty Girls~

The boys will be working on...
Forming letters with Wikki Stix, matching numerals & counting, Upper/lowercase matching~
Spot It, Listening Game, Reader and Sight Word games.

The bitty girls will be working on...
Brown Bear sequencing, counting sets~
ABC fishing, Name letter matching, and Doodling with stencils.
And Evie is already hard at FUN~

Friday, November 7, 2014

Make a 'Mess' Soup~

I gathered a bowl, scissors, and lots of things to cut~
Steamers, straws, construction paper strips, paint swatches, beads, coffee filters...
the perfect items for good fine motor work.
I dumped it all out and said~ "Make me some Mess Soup"...
They are GREAT at making a Mess!!!
This lasted for about 2 hours too!
And the sunroom looked like it did as well!!!
LOVE everything about this!
They were happy and we all got lots done as well.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Reading Activity~

One of the things I want the kids to do when reading is 'own' their sight words...
being about to read them in any text or in their environment.
In the past I have had them make little books each week with the new words.
I changed it up a little with the boys~
Are you getting lots of toy catalogs almost every day?
Yes, we are too so I gave each one a section 
and they were to choose four thingsthey 'liked' to cut out. 
I wrote their words in pencil and a line for the toy.
They glued and traced the words then touched to read.
It is in their journals and can be read anytime they choose to do so.

EK and SJ~ {Writing and Reading}

These girls are really becoming independent learners in so many ways.
EK has always loved horses and it's awesome when our curriculums overlap
causing even more interest in subjects like Ungulates.
EK wrote her own chapter book~

In Apologia science, we are learning all about Ungulates.
In history (Beautiful Feet), we are reading about Abraham Lincoln which has horses in it.
We decided to pull out Little House on the Prairie to read.
Everyone has loved listening and today we began watching season 1 together.
Evie never sits and watches tv ever but for some reason she watched this!
Go figure...

Then there is SJ who asked if she could read a Little Critter book~
 Her face was priceless when she realized she could REALLY read it!
Gotta love when that big light bulb comes on.
Now she is the cool sister that everyone piles in beside to have a listen~
THAT is one of many sweet homeschooling blessings!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Writing with the Boys~

Writing is evolving for the boys.
They are tracing the date and day of the week as well as their name.
We have added their last name with a box they try to write inside of~
They each think of something they want to remember and draw.
Today they wrote about me coming to get them in China.
I have written the words and they have traced in the past
but today I drew 'word' lines under each word and they copied.
Then they came back to me, pointed to each word,
and read their sentence.
May not be the best grammar but we'll work on that later. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ABC and Number Work for Bitties~

I pulled out the big oil pan for magnetic ABC and Number work~
Keeping them busy with things they like is key each day during school
and today this was perfect!
They played worked here for about two hours!!!
LOVE how they are very protective of the letters in their name...
"That's MY letter!!!"
Learning like crazy!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Reading for the Boys~

EK is pretty much an independent reader although loves for me to listen.
SJ is a good reader too and comprehends better if I'm sitting with her for narration afterwards.
One day last week the boys said, "We want to read too!"
Okay then... Let's do it!

I pulled out the same set of emergent readers I used with EK and SJ
along with some word work and started guided reading with them~
{First words were a, and}
I read the text to them and had them read back (echo) to me
then we built the words with the letters.
That was all for the first day and I caught them reading that book all afternoon!

This week we added a few things to our routine...
~smaller pocketchart of words
~word work caddy
build the word with clothespins
~word work cards
The boys chose books at Target that highlighted their super hero costumes
so I took their enthusiasm and had them use small see through disks
and while looking through their book, they covered a sight word if they found it!
We called it Sight Word Treasure~
{They loved helping each other!}
 Will loved moving his disk along the text (left to right!) looking for his words.
 While scrolling through FB this weekend, I found these awesome FREE emergent readers
and printed for our reading time~
 I had them read with me first, then read alone, and finally knee to knee for brother reading.
{Evie was sure to be in on the action for sure}

With only a couple of words right now, it is hard to play many of the sight word games I know so...
I made up a new one for them~
 Roll and Read:
I wrote the two words we know on a die.
I set my timer on my phone for 1 minute.
They took turns rolling and reading then grabbing a color disk.
When the timer went off, they counted their disks.
I specifically chose to let them beat the CLOCK and not each other
and on the second turn, they tried to beat their own record.
There was still some comparing between the two but I just chalked that up to
a little math thrown in for good measure!!!

GREAT Reading Boys!!! So proud of you!!!