Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saving Money~

I have at least three curriculum choices I love that are consumable:
~Explode the Code
~Handwriting with Tears
~Math U See...
and can be expensive when schooling six kids. 
It was time to buy new Explode the Code books 
and in the past I have bought one book and made copies... still expensive!
As I was shopping around in Walmart yesterday I had an idea...
What about notebooks, page protectors, and expo markers~
SO this morning the bigger girls and I had a little notebook party
and tomorrow we will begin our new routine.
Each child will use the book they need, I will check their work,
and we will clean for the next child.
No more copying, no more buying extra books, 
and no more piles of papers going to recycling.
Saving money {and trees} makes everyone happy... especially the Principal!!!

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