Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Funday~

Not gonna lie... Mondays are touch and go here so I've learned it's best not to force it.
Why not turn a Monday into a Funday?
I pulled out a few things they could choose independently and gave a few instructions:
{The older girls had deeper instructions than the others}
~Fall books to read
~Magnetic bin
~ABC floor puzzle
~Number floor puzzle
~Point and count the 100 chart
~Listen to an audio story
~Write a letter to someone
~Point and name/sound the alphabet
 I also had the big girls collect some leaves in the yard.
I laminated them and they used magnifying glasses to observe, 
then trace them and write~

Everyone worked hard ALL morning long~
{Plan to leave these centers out and allow them these choices
in the afternoons/school work complete} 

 I have to record this story about Payne...
He drew a beach picture at the letter writing center and wanted to write his own word (Beach).
I asked him what it began with and he said B.
I told him to write it.
He walked over to the ABC chart and pointed to B saying, 
"I'll just stand here and find the letters I need to write."
That's exactly what he did and could NOT have been more proud!
This may not sound like a big deal to most 6 year old Ks
but when you came home as an almost 5 year old speaking full out Mandarin, 
switched cold turkey to English;
Learned to understand then speak and now write...
It IS a BIG deal!!!
Yay Payne~ welcome to the writing world!!!

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