Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Friday {All Things Apples}

What better way to spend Fun Friday after the apple orchard than to do All Things Apples!
I had three books picked out.
I read one, EK read one, and SJ read one... YAY for sweet helpers and super readers!
After reading books I opened the photos from yesterday and one by one
chose a child to tell me a story from it.
Once we were through all the photos, I let them each choose one to print, 
glue into their journal, and write about it... memory recorded in journals.

Then I pulled out the FUN stuff!
We chose a red, yellow, and green apple out of our basket and had a taste test.
They got to paint an apple they cut out the color of their favorite and made little books to read.
We also discovered the secret star in the center of an apple when you cut across the middle.
We also graphed the colors as I pulled an apple from the apple basket.
PC was super excited when green 'won' as this is his favorite color!
It was a really Fun Friday and we can't wait for tonight...
Dad is going to help us make little apple pies for dessert!!!

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