Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Beautiful New School Cabinet~

I have been dreaming of some sort of cabinet for our learning materials
so our living space doesn't look SO schoolish.
I was in an old house this past weekend and found a dusty old piece
belonging to my SIL's son.
I asked about it and they said... It is your's!
SO we loaded it up, brought it home, and cleaned it up~
Doors need some work so for now we are using it as is and LOVE it!
Today we loaded our baskets and began our new routine~
 The pulldown shelf holds all the materials I need to work with each group
plus all my curriculum manuals.
The boys' journals and workbooks are in a small basket.
Their centers are in the middle drawer and this week we changed them out...
~Counting/Numeral Puzzles
~Listen to Green Wilma
~Match ABC uppers to lowers on the vine
~Match ABC sponges to pumpkins
~Spot It- Math

The Bitty girls have a small basket as well with the bottom drawer holding their centers.
~Spot It- ABC
~Fishing for ABCs and matching to magnetic board
~Lacing Cards
~Pumpkin Counting
~ABC Tracing

 EK has her basket with all she needs for school~
 And so does SJ with a few centers thrown in~
 Today we started the Expo markers in Notebooks and it worked perfectly giving me
much better one on one with each child~
Yay for a great day!

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