Friday, October 31, 2014

A 'Pump'tacular Day~

Today was all about pumpkins...

We read books until my voice was going with The Parable of the Pumpkin
being our favorite every year.
Using storytelling pieces we narrated the life cycle of a pumpkin~
 Then made our own little books for our journals~
 Every day Evie asks me if we are going to paint
and today I made it all about art in the kitchen with pumpkin cupcakes~
 Pumpking carving... Fred. :)~
 Toasting pumpkin seeds and making lunch... personal pumpkin pizzas~
We have a big evening planned with Monster Mash in town,
family over for vegetable soup and cupcakes, then trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween!!!
Can't believe tomorrow is November!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aaaaarrgghh! Spider~

Today was about Arachnids with three books...
{2 fiction and 1 non fiction}~
 They were all a big hit because each little had some sort of connection to the texts
whether it be personal, related to another book, or something they had learned before.
EK found the section in our Apologia Science book about Arachnids so we read from there
and found a project to create a spider web.
We decided to have a spider web drawing contest
{of course Everyone won!}~
 Then EK and I traced everyone's hand so they could cut out to make a spider~
 Then the MESSY Fun part... glitter up the webs and spiders! Outside!
We all decided maybe we ARE 'Scaredy Cats' at times when it comes to spiders but still claiming...
Psalm 56:3
When I am afraid, I will trust in God!!!
{AKA... Holly's scared face... ha:}

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Witch with a Twitch~

I had all sorts of books when I taught school way back in the day
and my children now LOVE reading them all this time of year.
We're not all that big on scary things related to Halloween 
but this book was a perfect one to help turn scary over to God...
The Witch with a Twitch with a black cat named Kitch ~
{love the rhyme theme!}
 We read the book together and stopped along the way to discuss real and make-believe
plus make predictions of what might happen next.
The witch in the story was a scaredy cat and I asked them what the Bible said about being scared.
They all talked about our Steve Green song...
'When I am afraid' and we sang together then decided~
We are NOT scaredy cats in Jesus and found the scripture in the Bible to write on our door!
We all traced/decorated scaredy cats and copied our verse Psalm 56:3~
 They turned out adorable and are tucked away in our journals 
so we can remember this important truth~
Psalm 56:3
When I am afraid, I will trust in God!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Five Little Pumpkins~

Every single day Evie asks if we are going to paint 
and EK asks if we are going to go anything fun. :)
Today I pulled out a little board book I knew Evie and Holly would love,
{Five Little Pumpkins}
sang it to them, and introduced some pumpkin puppets.
I gave EK the job of reader while we practiced our show~
Then we videoed it~
and watched about 50 times. :)
Next it was onto making our own 5 Little Pumpkins in our journals.
They cut out their own fence and moon then added stick on pumpkins~
 I also put the song in the pocketchart and they have sang with each other all day long~
Cutest pumpkins in the patch @ Ankerich Academy for sure!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Beautiful New School Cabinet~

I have been dreaming of some sort of cabinet for our learning materials
so our living space doesn't look SO schoolish.
I was in an old house this past weekend and found a dusty old piece
belonging to my SIL's son.
I asked about it and they said... It is your's!
SO we loaded it up, brought it home, and cleaned it up~
Doors need some work so for now we are using it as is and LOVE it!
Today we loaded our baskets and began our new routine~
 The pulldown shelf holds all the materials I need to work with each group
plus all my curriculum manuals.
The boys' journals and workbooks are in a small basket.
Their centers are in the middle drawer and this week we changed them out...
~Counting/Numeral Puzzles
~Listen to Green Wilma
~Match ABC uppers to lowers on the vine
~Match ABC sponges to pumpkins
~Spot It- Math

The Bitty girls have a small basket as well with the bottom drawer holding their centers.
~Spot It- ABC
~Fishing for ABCs and matching to magnetic board
~Lacing Cards
~Pumpkin Counting
~ABC Tracing

 EK has her basket with all she needs for school~
 And so does SJ with a few centers thrown in~
 Today we started the Expo markers in Notebooks and it worked perfectly giving me
much better one on one with each child~
Yay for a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Saving Money~

I have at least three curriculum choices I love that are consumable:
~Explode the Code
~Handwriting with Tears
~Math U See...
and can be expensive when schooling six kids. 
It was time to buy new Explode the Code books 
and in the past I have bought one book and made copies... still expensive!
As I was shopping around in Walmart yesterday I had an idea...
What about notebooks, page protectors, and expo markers~
SO this morning the bigger girls and I had a little notebook party
and tomorrow we will begin our new routine.
Each child will use the book they need, I will check their work,
and we will clean for the next child.
No more copying, no more buying extra books, 
and no more piles of papers going to recycling.
Saving money {and trees} makes everyone happy... especially the Principal!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Leaf Man~

First of all we read from our new devotional, Every Day is a Blessing
and the activity was hide and seek.
You should have seen their faces when I told them to go hide and I would find them.
I scared them to death when I found each one
SO fun~
 We read Leaf Man and each one chose a leaf to make it into an animal or person~
Quite interesting ideas flowed out! LOVE!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Friday {All Things Apples}

What better way to spend Fun Friday after the apple orchard than to do All Things Apples!
I had three books picked out.
I read one, EK read one, and SJ read one... YAY for sweet helpers and super readers!
After reading books I opened the photos from yesterday and one by one
chose a child to tell me a story from it.
Once we were through all the photos, I let them each choose one to print, 
glue into their journal, and write about it... memory recorded in journals.

Then I pulled out the FUN stuff!
We chose a red, yellow, and green apple out of our basket and had a taste test.
They got to paint an apple they cut out the color of their favorite and made little books to read.
We also discovered the secret star in the center of an apple when you cut across the middle.
We also graphed the colors as I pulled an apple from the apple basket.
PC was super excited when green 'won' as this is his favorite color!
It was a really Fun Friday and we can't wait for tonight...
Dad is going to help us make little apple pies for dessert!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf {Stained Glass Leaves}

Continuing our Fall unit with Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and a big art project.
I gave each one a plastic knife and some fall color crayons (paper gone).
They scraped crayon shavings onto a paper plate then cut up small pieces of tissue paper-
We added both to piece of wax paper then ironed on warm temp.
Each took a leaf pattern and traced then cut out.
We had beautiful stained glass fall leaves to decorate our school room-

I started drawing lessons with the boys and Evie of course... she is not to be left out. :)
I went step by step and they drew Sawyer then added words-
I'd say they all did awesome!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Funday~

Not gonna lie... Mondays are touch and go here so I've learned it's best not to force it.
Why not turn a Monday into a Funday?
I pulled out a few things they could choose independently and gave a few instructions:
{The older girls had deeper instructions than the others}
~Fall books to read
~Magnetic bin
~ABC floor puzzle
~Number floor puzzle
~Point and count the 100 chart
~Listen to an audio story
~Write a letter to someone
~Point and name/sound the alphabet
 I also had the big girls collect some leaves in the yard.
I laminated them and they used magnifying glasses to observe, 
then trace them and write~

Everyone worked hard ALL morning long~
{Plan to leave these centers out and allow them these choices
in the afternoons/school work complete} 

 I have to record this story about Payne...
He drew a beach picture at the letter writing center and wanted to write his own word (Beach).
I asked him what it began with and he said B.
I told him to write it.
He walked over to the ABC chart and pointed to B saying, 
"I'll just stand here and find the letters I need to write."
That's exactly what he did and could NOT have been more proud!
This may not sound like a big deal to most 6 year old Ks
but when you came home as an almost 5 year old speaking full out Mandarin, 
switched cold turkey to English;
Learned to understand then speak and now write...
It IS a BIG deal!!!
Yay Payne~ welcome to the writing world!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Leaves are Beautiful~

Today we made beautiful fall trees using tempera for trees and watercolors for sky~

We read another fall book~ Leaf Jumpers then set to work~
{we will be glad when there are enough leaves to rake and jumped into!}
 Snipped our own leaves from paper to glue on the trees~
So beautiful and so proud!
Here are the boys working super hard on their reading center~
I was amazed they matched every single word to the song and then we sang it together!
Awesome kindergarteners!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Center Drawers~ {Girls and Boys}

Finally got new Centers changed out for both the Girls and Boys today.
Red: Journals and Skill Work
Orange: ABC Match (from the boys drawers)
Green: Counting Sets 1-5
Blue: Letters of Name Clip Match
Purple: ABC and Number Puzzle
{LOVE these two Melissa & Doug puzzles from Target that talk)

Red: Journals, Explode the Code, Handwriting w/out Tears
Orange~ Match words to our Fall Song
Green~ Hot Dots ABC/Beg sounds
Blue~ Leap Frog Reading
Purple~ Build a City with Unifix Cubes

We also made two huge batches of playdough today~
The littles played and played for two hours~

Super fun day today!!!