Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning on the Go~

Not gonna lie...
when I mentioned schooling at the beach, there were some big sighs 
so I decided to simplify and go with some ideas 

I read the most awesome quote this week for homeschooling
and I wish I had thought of it because it speaks of our family to a T...
We homeschool because we love the lifestyle
and so thankful it gives us the opportunity to Learn on the go!

Journals & Writing~
Each child will have their journals for sketching and writing about all things beachy~
I am taking watercolor color pencils which will be our art outlet when I give them a Qtip and water to add beauty.

Books, Books, and More Books~
My books~

Bible, Chapter Book, 2 FIAR books, and Seashore Book~

Books EK is reading on her IPad Kindle app~

AND today I figured out how to borrow ebooks from the library on the girls' IPad Kindles~
A few REAL books and a few digital... don't think we will run out. :)

Magnifiers for everyone to take to the beach each day~

Games and Math~
Taking all our Spot It games~
Pick and Draw, Uno, Story Cubes, Math Dice, and rulers for measuring sea treasures.

Playdough and scissors so bitties can continue fine motor work~

Kids will work on all their learning apps as well Kindle and Audible~
Bringing our bluetooth speaker and pencil sharpener~

Learning on the GO {In a Box}~
Pretty amazing to have a whole week for 6 kids in one box.

Not planning to be too structured and pretty sure we will NOT be getting bored.
Looking forward to all the amazing time we will spend just being together 
and playing on the beach!!!


  1. You AMAZE us all..... :) Let us know how Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Blue Bike & The Best Yes they are in the Amazon Cart waiting for a little extra cash :-) Enjoy family time!

  2. Oh Mercy you are so organized!!!!! Love this!!!!!! Enjoy your time.